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We play football as well as...

No description

Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of We play football as well as...

Put in an appropriate pronoun.
We play football as well as...

Identify the antecedent.
Grace and Caami work hard, and they study a lot.
Jane ride her bike all day long.
Get out a piece of paper for your vocab quiz.
Now, let's review the sub-verb agreement assignment you had to do this weekend.
Now, let's do some HSPT practice...
The goal is to decide what you migt want to be and find a school that has a program that will prepare you for said career. You are to write the school and letter than explains why you should go there and what you will learn.
Finally, let's start the assessment for "When I Was Puerto Rican"
Finish the first three paragraphs of your letter.
Study for sub-verb agreement quiz
IXL Level 8 MM.1 and MM.2
What kind of school or program would you want to attend and why?
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