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Loiter town

No description

Emmanuel Smalls

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Loiter town

Welcome to Loiter Town
by Emmanuel Smalls(Kovatch)
Robert Scott (Knowles)
Every night we pray to Tupac to bless us with
food and well being. We also worship Tyler the Creator for hot lyrics and the mega-god Christopher Wallace a.k.a BIGGY Smalls for crazy metaphors. We are a polytheistic civilization and anyone who disrespects our rituals are tried in our court of law Our currency is Cheddar. 1 Cheddar is worth 1,000,000,000 American Dollars Economy Our government consists of a Democracy currently our president is jay-z of rockephella records

His Vice President is Kanye West including the white house staff of G.O.O.D MUSIC. GOVERNMENT All of our money comes from "The Bank of Loitertown We have 3 social classes

Rich- This is the lowest possible class you can be in. You are at the point where you can get anything you want, but you cant get top of the line
Richer- This is the middle class people. You can get anything you want and don't have to work a lot for it. You have to save to save to get top of the line
Poor- This is only for the elite people. They sleep all day and don't have to do ANYTHING. SOCIAL CLASSES To get food we trade hot rap lyrics for food we cannot grow here. Including corn and rice. We have many sacred rituals we perform annually
One of the major holidays we enjoy celebrating is the day we reincarnate all the major rappers like Ol, dirty bastard, Eazy E, and Big L we like to throw a major party that can go on for weeks. Rituals And Traditions We also celebrate all christian holidays Our countries national anthem is "Clique" by Kanye west, jay-z and other various artist. The jobs in our country consists of construction, working in the music industry and also various other jobs that keeps our country very clean and crime free which is ironic due to all of the rappers backgrounds. WORK FORCE On the day Biggy, Tupac, and Tyler the ccreator dropped their first albums, the island plays music, they have festivals in the streets, and raid houses all in one night. For education we send each and every kid to Wiz Khalifa High where they learn the basic knowledge of Hip Hop,R&B and Dubstep, with teachers like kid cudi, mac miller, skrillex, and Earl sweatshirt. We have a very strict no country policy we also have cooking classes with lil B and we go over history with Russell simons and Mr. pantaleone. English is our major. EDUCATION For our arts we have abundant creative individuals. We also have people who do graffiti, abstract art, and also obviously music. ART AND ARCHITECHTURE We have the best buildings in the world. They are unable to be affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis. We are very proud of our eco friendly cars and houses. 1.No Guns unless its completely necessary RULES 2. No Music that disrespects another persons
crew unless it is performed and recorded at
the annual rap battle. 3. No tourists if you come to the town you
have to stay for at least three months. 4. No plagiarism, if you want to copy you have to sign a legal document stating that you would pay if the bar or what ever else is used on a whack line and or is on more than one song.
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