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The Aeneas and the Tragedy of Dido

Extract from The Aeneid by Virgil

Joseph Tokar

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of The Aeneas and the Tragedy of Dido

The Aeneas and Tragedy of Dido From The Aeneid written by Virgil Project by Decimus and Bucco What is the Aeneid about? The Aeneid tells the story of Aeneas, a Trojan Hero, who escapes from Troy when it was destroyed. He then travels to Carthage than to Latium where he meets King Latinus and marries his daughter, Lavinia. Who is Aeneas Aeneas and his Fleet Aeneas, was a Trojan Hero who was told by the gods that Troy would be destroyed and escaped with his father and son. However his wife was killed in the destruction of Troy. Aeneas had escaped with several ships along with his flagship and sailed for days until they arrived at Carthage. They soon set out to Crete to create a new city. Aeneas at Carthage To Build A New Aeneas and his father strive to build a new city in Crete where they believed the Trojan forefathers' originated from. After sailing their to begin the erection of a city, a terrible plague strikes. Soon after, Apollo appears to Aeneas in his dream and said that the forefathers in fact did not come from Crete but from Italy. Aeneas, while sailing along the coast of Italy, pick up a Greek straggler and chased by a blinded cyclops only to return to Carthage. Meanwhile, his father dies. Back to Carthage A Fight Among the gods The gods here hugely impact the story of the Aeneid, as they after all caused the Trojan War. Venus is the mother of Aeneas and protects him from Juno, who has a grudge against Venus for she was picked over Juno in a beauty contest where Paris choose Venus. It's also worse that Carthage is Juno's favorite city and there is a prophesy that decedents of Troy would destroy the city. Queen Dido's love for Aeneas When Aeneas came to Carthage, Venus had Cupid, her son, inflame love within Dido for Aeneas to prevent Juno from having the inhabitants attack Aeneas. Dido, although in love with Aeneas, doesn't want to marry him due to a vow she made when her husband died. The Affair Juno's goal is to keep Aeneas from Italy and does so by using Dido's love. One day, Aeneas and Dido were hunting when Juno sends a storm forcing them to take cover together. They then make love and return openly in love. Awake Again Jupiter learns of the affair and sends Mercury, the messenger of the gods to remind him his destiny belongs somewhere else. When Aeneas receives the message, begins to prepares his fleet in secret, but Dido suspects it. The Departure Aeneas leaves Carthage but, not without leaving wounds. Dido, upset with her love leaving, has a pyre built of everything that Aeneas had left. Unknowingly, she used this to kill herself. Italy and the finding of Rome Aeneas arrives with his fleet at Latium and marries King Latinus' daughter Lavina after fighting her suiter for her. She gave birth to Romulus and Remus who build the city of Rome. Juno Venus
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