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Experiential Learning Presentations

No description

Leeanna Devan

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Experiential Learning Presentations

Experiential Learning Presentations
Funny Data
Myrtle Beach, The South ?!
There are different elements in movies and movie trailers that help determine what genre they are.
You can tell what kind of genre a movie is based on a few key elements in the trailer.
These elements can help determine what genre a movie and a brief idea of how things will play out throughout the movie
If it wasn't for these key factors in movie trailers and movies themselves then it would be a lot harder to tell the difference between which movies are action movies and which ones are thrillers.
Pop comedies make it hard to tell what genre they really are because they do not focus on lighting, music, the type of action taking place or sound.
In most cases however the key elements to determining what kind of genre you are looking at is made obvious.
Since Myrtle Beach is located below the mason Dixon line then it should be and it is a southern place
Some argued saying Florida is below the Mason Dixon line as well but no one considers it to be the south.
Another question was is it just the culture of the environment that made a place a southern place or not?
That is the most accepted theory so far.
But as for Myrtle Beach most would not consider it a southern place just because of all the tourists that come through here
Many say MB is the beach life and hotels versus a southern lifestyle.
Another factor that determines whether or not a place is southern or not is the people who populate it, if majority of the population comes from northern states
Many people that you encounter in MB do not fit the southern stereotypes. (thick southern accents, live in trailer parks, chew tobacco, smoke Marlboro cigarettes, go “mudding”, and uncivilized)
The final say about MB being southern as of right now is a no.

The overall definition of bullying is, repeatedly offending or harassing someone physically, verbally and or emotionally. The key word that is used in the appropriate definition of bullying is “repeatedly”.
You can’t base all you know about bullying off of what the media is saying and publicizing because what the media is doing is over glamorizing it and making it seem like every insult made is an attempt at bullying.
In today's culture it isn’t completely odd to hear two friends joking around calling each other names and picking on one another,
Based on what the media says it makes it seem as if those moments with your friends are even bullying. D
Due to the media’s amped up and over glamorized perception of bullying it has become difficult to tell what is and is not bullying.
Often times when bullying is occurring only one side is laughing about it or no one is laughing at all.
It is often times hard to even witness bullying first hand due to social media and texting.
Students being bullied also often times won’t admit to it happening for fear of no one believing them, feeling like no one truly cares, or that the deserve it.
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