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Ways To Make Your School A Better Place

Bullying , enviroment , and more

Colby Brown

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Ways To Make Your School A Better Place

One Thing i'm going to do to make
my school a better place! What am i going to do
to help my school? How will i acheive my goal? Who will i help? Who inspired me to make
this program? Why did i pick this program? Who else inspired me? << That picture is me
and i was bullied to,
so together we can
CHANGE. -The question is (What am i going to do to help my school?)
-I'm going to come up with a idea, The idea
i choose is to help people from getting bullied,
Not only the people who are getting bullied but
the bullies also.
-I wanna make sure that bullies stop, One way to
do that is to make sure the bully feels good about
Hers/his self, Because bullies feel like there
just not worth anything but we can make
a change. -There are many ways to acheive this goal.
-Set up a Program.Why not its worth a try.
-When you see someone getting bullied tell an
elder ASAP.(This Will HELP alot of people)
-Make sure you invite people into what your
doing, So there not left out.(Make sure people
are included like you would want to be)
-Make sure your haveing conversations with
the victims and not being the bully, We can
make a change. - I will not only help one person i will help thousands, because starting from WMS school,
people will share the storys of what this program
really is.
-I will help Friends, Familys , Teachers, and the world.(i Hope you guys learn how to share your storys when your being bullied, cause if you dont tell it may get worse).
-I may even help the president, govenment, every school, and people diagnose, Cause together we can all make a change.) I only picked this program for one reason.
Because i have delt with the same issues.
- i moved Twice and got bullied at both schools,
i never told no one what was going on. Slowly im re-healing and stronger then ever.
-I learned that people who are being bullied dont
tell they just let it happen because there scared no one will believe them just like i felt.
-Stay strong, keep your head up im working on
a change. It actually is two people. There not famous but sure enough they are helping the enviroment and your education.
-Mrs.Hilger, you so inspire me you teached me how to stay strong and work harder then ever. You also dont care for one student in the class, cause when someones being bullied or having issues you make sure that changes. Mrs.Hilger me and you can make a change. Orange juice your not famous but you do help our enviroment.
-You teached me all about great.
-Great included all about drugs, bullying, how to stay away from drugs and more.
-When you tought about bullies, i simply had a
Idea in my mind to care about the victims from
bullies. Together we could make a change. Here are a few pictures of Victims.
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