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MASSP Teacher Eval presentation

No description

Bruce Bergeson

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of MASSP Teacher Eval presentation

TEACHER EVALUATION - it's a process
Legislative Requirements
- Establish a three-year professional review cycle that includes individual growth and development plan, peer review and summative evaluation

-Implementation by September, 2014

- 35% of the evaluation model must be based on value added assessment data

- Use longitudinal data on student engagement

-Based on MN's Standards of Effective Practice for teachers, MN Rule 8710.2000
The Role of the Principal
Highlights of the Minnesota State model for
Teacher Evaluation
- a growth system
-encourages owning professional growth and reflection

- coaching and feedback - 11 POC's in a three
year cycle (non-tenured 15 POC's)

-peer review and PLC collaboration
Creating a local plan
- be prepared for many meetings

- allow the EA to choose who will be involved in the process

-keep the discussion open

-guide the agenda
Montevideo's Plan (in progress)
- Points of Contact (POC)
-5 POC in a 3 year cycle
-3 POC for non-tenured staff each year
-provide summative performance rating
- implement a Framework of Instruction (FOI)
- be the summative evaluator
Recommend implementing a pilot for your evaluation model during 2013-14
Peer Review

- Encourage implementing through PLC's
-POC-two each year
Self Assessment & Student Survey

*completed annually

*individual growth and
development plans

*student survey - student engagement
Value Added Assessment Plan
Summary Recommendations


Highly recommend having a Framework of Instruction
-Lesson Design (10%)
-Instruction (20%)
-Class management (10%)
-Teacher/Student Relationship (10%)
-Professional Goal Growth (10%)
Keep the focus on growth and development
of teachers
Connect PLC focus to teacher
growth and development

-Pre-Post Assessment (25%)
*developed by content area*
*approved by the administration

-School Wide goal based on MCA data (5%)
*developed and communicated by principal

-Grade Level or individual
goal (MCA, NWEA) (5%)
- provide feedback from teacher observations
- review and approve individual growth and development plans
Professional Practice-60%
Summative Evaluator (Principals)
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