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Romare Bearden and The Block

For Middle School 6th grade art

Lindsey Foushee

on 1 October 2017

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Transcript of Romare Bearden and The Block

Romare Bearden
Romare Bearden
Review Shapes
Harlem Renaissance
Collage Composition
Romare Bearden's Art
Bearden was born in Charlotte, NC. During his life, he spent summers with his grandparents in Pittsburg PA, and moved to New York City with his parents during the Great Migration.
The Block, 1971
Romare Bearden was an American artist who depicted African American life. He told their stories through his artwork.
The Harlem Renaissance was a movement that was considered to be a rebirth of African American Arts. The movement was centered around the neighborhood of Harlem in New York City.
Collage- French word
meaning "to glue"
Objects farther away from you are smaller
Geometric Shapes
Create a segment of a class collage
showing a place at our school
Start with background - work "big to small"
Use painted papers, magazines, & colored papers
BUILD your picture, do not cut out pictures
Do my colors HAVE to be realistic?
What details do I need to make my location clear?
What can I leave out?
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