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No description

Heather Bredy

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Assessment

Pther 528 - Foundations of Physical Therapy
What do I need to know about the course?
How will things be presented in this course?
Where are we in CORE and CDM?
continuing on from 524
Assignment #1
PTHER 517 Shadow Placement reflection sheet
Due October 5th, 2012


What is the purpose of an Assessment
To Collect information..
Yay!! I passed anatomy now what....
Pther 528 - Foundations of Physical Therapy
Plan and perform a basic physical therapy assessment
Develop a problem list based on the assessment findings and patient interview
Demonstrate patient and therapist safety and appropriate handling skills during assessment and treatment
Evaluate the effect of a client's weightbearing status on walking ability and supply and teach safe use of gait aides
Class time and location
Tuesday and Thursday

Lecture/Seminar - 10:00am-12:00pm (2-07)

Lab 1:00-3:00 and 3:00-5:00 (1-10)
Important Dates
Quiz (10%): Thursday September 26,

Midterm(20%): Thursday October 17

Block practical(30%): Tuesday December 3/Wed December 4

Written Final(25%): Thursday December 4
Participation is Key!
Participation mark 15%

Practice makes perfect (well almost!)
Friday open lab time
Will I be able to treat patients at the end of this class?

Heather Bredy - Edmonton
Chris Zarski - Augustana
Jacky Chow - Calgary

Michele Vaillant - Edmonton/Lab
Please be prepared to participate in lecture!

Top Hat Monocle
May divide time up differently than what the course outline describes

Analysis of the research

Case studies
Most IMPORTANT part of this course!

Practice on own as well as in class
Will not demo everything in lab
videos for MMT and ROM
Lists posted on eclass of what is required

Readings/Lab Manual
All required readings and lab worksheets will be posted on e-class

Divided by weeks - folder for lecture/seminar/lab
Please be prepared for class - readings
Ongoing process
Initial appointment is often called "the assessment"

We continually assess with each appointment and within appointments
What is an Assessment?
It is the tool that we use to evaluate a patient and their condition in order
to establish a physical therapy
diagnosis and develop a treatment plan
Clarify patient's (pt) functional concerns
Chief complaint (CC)
Establish pt's present level of function
What are they having difficulty with
What could they do prior to this injury/condition
Assess the pt's physical function
What can they actually do
Establish a cause/profile of the problem
not simply the diagnoses, but also the things that contribute to the condition
Establish or confirm a PT diagnosis
this is where you are trying to describe the condition specifically
ie. patellofemoral pain syndrome
hemiplegia due to stroke
Identify PT role in care
just because we are the professional that they patient has come to see we may not be the most appropriate person to treat them
know your boundaries and refer on if need be
okay to not know....
Establish a PT treatment plan to meet the patients goals
What does an
assessment include?
Where do we start?
Next class will go through the assessment in detail

Hands on skills -
patient handling,
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