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Enterprise Social Networking Use Case

Workshare presentation

Oleg K

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Enterprise Social Networking Use Case

Fortis Capital New York Meet John - CIO of Hedge Fund, Fortis Capital TODAY I need a legal opinion on the regulation of exotic Japanese derivatives Meet Mark - Client Partner at Hogan Rose LPP The thing is, John, I'm not sure who has this expertise at Hogan Rose. I'll make some calls. It has taken too long and in the meanwhile John has instructed another law firm $$$$$ $$$$$ Had Mark found an expert quickly… ??? ...then Hogan Rose would not have lost the business to Catchem. Enterprise social networking
gives you competitive edge. Hong Kong Without compromising compliance and security. Hogan Rose LPP Catchem, Cheatem and Sneakoff What?!  Another client lost to our arch rival? Type a question Pick a topic expert Key Performance Indicators Expertise Find information on your topic quickly
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