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Marketing Your Design Business

GD145 Professional Design Practice

Lisa Langenhop

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of Marketing Your Design Business

NEW PROJECTS Before you seek out new clients,
make sure you have these things ready! This is probably the most effective way to
find new clients. Networking is not schmoozing,
but rather a way that people help each other
to reach the people that want to be reached. This takes the most effort and the most planning. Use the rule of averages here...the more places you interview, the more likely you are to get work! BUSINESS CARD Your business card is your strongest
point of contact. Not only does it have contact information, but it is low pressure to exchange, AND depicts the branding of your business

Order at least 100 to start PROMOTIONAL Promotional items can be a strong introduction or reminder. They should always reinforce your brand, not re-create it! Common options are :
- Postcard
- Gimmick Gift
- Calendars
- Holiday Card or Gift
- Matchbooks
- Poster WEBSITE You must have a site with a portfolio and an "about" for curious clients to reference. - Build your own! $8.99-$12.99 per month to host
- Utilize portfolio sites $0-$12.99 per month
Viewbook.com SOCIAL MEDIA With your business social media accounts,
you can keep friends and family updated first, and then your former and current clients as they come along. Post your finished projects, the networking activities that you attend, and support for other small businesses. Always respond to comments! The must-haves : - Facebook
- Twitter
- LinkedIn
- Blog Make sure your friends and family know what you are up to...they will think of you if they hear of a relevant opportunity. Join special interest/professional groups around town and start connecting, learning, and being available!
ex. AIGA, City Commerce Groups USE YOUR
CURRENT CONNECTIONS Suggest your services anytime they seem relevant...
With family, friends, at a bar...anywhere
Team up! If you have friends with small businesses, promote each other! GENERATE
NEW CONNECTIONS Go to training and networking events
ex. The Brandery, Cincy Chic Be active around the city. Be open.
Talk to people. Networking is a two way street.
Help people whenever you can! SEARCH THE WEB Craigslist
Compiles all job search engine results
Best online freelance reference
Check your local design companies'
websites for new postings http://www.contestwatchers.com/category/visual-arts/graphic-design/ ENTER CONTESTS You might just win, but also you will get attention, great sharable projects,
and practice! http://www.graphiccompetitions.com/ http://designcompetition.com/ Join a local freelance organization. Their role is to connect the right client to the right freelancer.

ex. Creative Niche
FREELANCE ORG. PRO BONO WORK Pro bono work is a great way to gain exposure, build connections, and lead to future jobs.

Make sure to publicize via PR and social media when you do pro bono or charity work. STOP BY Stop by local businesses that look like they need some graphic design help (don't lead with that though!) Drop off some samples
and contact information.

Visit design firms that peak your interest. Be very polite and considerate. Again, drop off promotion piece and contact information.

DIRECT PROMOTION 1. Mail (or drop off) promotion pieces to businesses and
firms that fit your target market

2. Email individuals a few days later to follow up. Email
should be brief and direct and should direct them to
your portfolio website.

3. Be organized! Keep a record of who responds and
who doesn't.

4. Continue to send purposeful promotions through
the year.
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