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Dragon*ConTV: The Accidental Community

No description

Brian Richardson

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of Dragon*ConTV: The Accidental Community

What have we learned
about social media over
the past ten years? How did a handful of
volunteers build a community
around silly videos? ? Dragon*Con #1 - 1987
(estimated 1400 attendees) Dragon*Con 2012
Five Atlanta Hotels
Over 52,000 attendees $25 million economic impact (2008)
2011 blood drive 2944 donors, 9000 units Dragon*Con is fan driven & runs on volunteers ... over 1800 for D*C 2012 It started with one video ... Building Dragon*ConTV Social Media & Dragon*ConTV Flashback to the Internet in 2002 ... "Social Media" was Friendster
and LiveJournal ... No MySpace (2003)
No YouTube (2005)
No Facebook (2006)
No Twitter (2006) How has social media
changed Dragon*ConTV? User participation ... an intro for the 2002 Masquerade We'd love to show it to you ...
... but we can't find it :(

But the con director loved it!

Then he asked what we were
going to do next year ... How does this become
the start of a new
community? 2004 - "low-tech high-tech" Which social media
sites do we use? That isn't an easy question to answer.

So we asked a different
question ...

What do we need from
social media? Dragon*ConTV produces video
content, so the podcasting
model fit perfectly in 2005.

Based on RSS feeds and iTunes ? What changed? Mobile Access

with WordPress

Fan Pages Mobile Access

Social Media

Video Quality Mobile Access

with WordPress The hotel TV as a
social network Contact with guests & fans

Ideas for videos

Feedback before, during
and after the event Social Spheres Before After During So ... what have we learned? Questions? Comments? Brian Richardson

@dragoncontv on Twitter
Dragon*ConTV on Facebook Never forget that communities are made of people ...
learn what drives those people Our "silly little videos"
became a big part of
Dragon*Con ...

they can be used for more
than entertainment Drive people back
to your "brand" ...
website? Social media helps us gauge our audience ... size & interests You can't herd people
onto a specific social
media website ...

Look around, find out where "your people" are being social
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