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Aguas Mendocinas

No description

Agustin Lopez

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Aguas Mendocinas

Aguas Mendocinas
Water is taken by landfills from rivers, dams and lakes.
The water is managed by aqueducts and open ducts, taken to the plant.
This stage takes place in big pools where sand goes to the floor.
The Water purification process
Added chemist products
Now, there are added coagulants, lime and aluminum sulfate.
Floculators can be hydraulic or mechanical. here the water colloids mixes with chemist products.
This take place in decanters or big pools, depending where the plant is located.
The filter is composed by three capes: sand, gravel and stone.
Once the water is filtered, it goes to the reserve, where is disinfected by different methods.
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