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Hägar, the trusted leader.

An explanation how a leader can add energy to his team on 4 levels.

Kirste Blommaert

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Hägar, the trusted leader.

Meet Hägar,
the Viking captain :
..and meet
his jolly crew...
Hägar gets an
important message
Hägar, it's time to
prove your skills as a
How do I do that ?
I have no idea !
Take your
crew on a mission...
So, Hägar is leaving,
hoping he will be able
to guide his men
and show some
good leadership.
Helga, I'm off on a journey to
become a great leader !
This can't be difficult, it will be an awesome time out with the guys !!
Hägar appeals to his men...
Friends, I have to prove myself as your leader

...and they take off !
Here come the mighty Vikings !!
Some time later, the men start
to wonder where the trip
is taking them...
What's the meaning of this
trip? What's our destination?
Where the hell are
we going ??
Hägar, we want
to go home !
We don't see the point of going on any further, what's the use of this journey ??
Hägar realizes
he is having a problem
My men feel lost...
What am I going to do
about that ?
He turns to the Wise One for help
Wise One, help me.
What is the problem,
and how do I deal
with it ?
Hägar, let me
tell you a story...
This is like how your men are feeling :
they 're lost and don't see clear anymore, they don't see the sense of the journey.

You have to explain
the goal and
the purpose of
this mission, make
it meaningful
for them !
I see.. So, It is
important they know
where we are going...
And I have to
tell them !
Exactly !
explains to
his men the
importance of
this mission...
At home, everybody is waiting anxiously for our return. When we succeed in this challenge, we will be honored and feasted like heroes...
...it's so important
to succeed
this journey !
Now I
realize why...
The men now realize what
the purpose of this mission is
Let's go on, let's make this mission a success !!
And on went the boat,
peaceful and quite...
Oh my God, there is a storm coming !
Hägar sees
the storm ahead
and starts giving
But the commands are given
in vain, they are losing control...
Hägar, it doesn't work like this : even
the cook is climbing the mast !!
Hägar realizes
he is having a problem
Although they are experienced
sailors, my men miss control
over the ship... how come ??
Hägar turns to
the Wise One again...

Wise One, help me!
What is the
problem, and
how do I deal
with it ?
let me tell you
Let's see how a
team on a well-oiled
warship works
You can do that by creating a clear work organization and implementing rules and procedures
You have to add energy by building out a structure and define everyone's task.
So I
need to create
amongst my
men ?
Exactly !
Everybody knows
his task now...
let 's continue
our journey !
Aye aye
let's move on !!
Hägar Has listened very well to the advice...
And on went the boat,
peaceful and quite...
Hägar is being confronted with a new problem...
What a
bastards !
They have taken
over my ship and
left me behind !
But I say
tough guys
don't complain..
Oh my God, there is an abyss !!!
We 're going to crash !
Everybody sees the abyss, but they are all paralyzed...
Hägar realizes
he is having a problem

Although they are experienced
sailors with determined tasks, they
stand paralyzed……how come ??
You see ? They 're heading for an iceberg but nobody takes action.
Let's see how things should
You have to add energy by stimulating own initiative of your crew, use empowerment !
Make them take appropriate action in case of emergency.
Now I understand...
So I have to stimulate entrepreneurship ?
Exactly !
Hägar returns to his men
If you see a threat, don’t just stand there
but take appropriate initiative...
...use your vast experience
as a sailor !
And on went the boat,
peaceful and quite...

Besides, maybe my crew will change their minds and come back to get me.
What have I done wrong ? Why
don't they come back for me ?
Snif... snif...
Let me tell
you why...
Use your emotional intelligence
to become a trusted leader.
We, Wise Ones, call such
a leader a SEEKER

Show that you understand the needs of your team
Establish the guiding
principles of how you

S :
E :

Explain the resources you're using
Keep to the principles you've elaborated

E :
K :

Engage in constant, honest, two-way communication
Reinforce your words through consistent behavior

E :
R :
hägar takes the good advice to the heart, with visible results...
decided to give you a second chance.

Seems like you've learned
your lesson...and became our
trusted captain !
A perfect team
with a great leader
is bounding home !

Hägar has regained
the trust of his men, and takes an important decision...

Eddy, let's go
home again !!!
Let's see how Hägar learned how to lead his team by using
the 4 energy-levels

First, he offered his
crew strategic
Right, I showed them the goal of our trip.
he brought some
structure to
the group
Then, he
empowered his teammembers to
bring flexibility
they needed some stimulation to
take responsibility
Finally, he
brought coherence
and added trust
to the group
Sure, I had
to appeal to
my people-skills to motivate and inspire them...
Well, seems like
I transformed
a group of guys into a motivated, loyal team.
Thanks, Wise One !!!
Until, at once...
I set some rules
and divided
the tasks
Hägar turns to the
Wise One

Wise One, help me.
What is the problem,
and how do I deal
with it ?

Hägar, let me
tell you a story to
see what went wrong ...
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(Muziek : 'He's a Pirate' van Klaus Badelt)

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Let's go
and have
some fun !!!
He's being confronted with mutiny !
Right, we
are responsible
for the sails,
we don't have
to worry about
the helm !
I'm not a
sailor, my
place is in
the kitchen...
The captain's
right... I have to believe
in my skills, and take
some action next
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