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American Civil War 1861-1865

L.A Research project.

creeper's gonna creep

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of American Civil War 1861-1865

By: Sierra Williams American Civil War The Union The Union was also known as the Republicans as well as the Union. The Union's strength was, 2 200 000 but in by the end of the war 360 000 had been either killed in action, captured or died from wounds. The union had 23 states that remained loyal to the union.
The unions strength in numbers was 2 200 000, by the
end of the war there was 275 200 wounded, and an estimated 110 000 killed in action. Out of all of the union soldiers that were on the unions side about 2% were draftees and about 6% were substitutes that were paid by drafters, in total it was an estimated
2 100 000 people. There was also European immigrants that joined the Union with large numbers. One hundred seventy seven thousand came from Germany and one hundred forty four thousand came from Ireland. Conscription Conscription laws, or draft laws, were in effect on either side, although it wasn't very effective. There was plenty of evasion the draft laws especially in the catholic areas. Both sides had certain things that would make you exempt from the laws. The drafting was a responsibility of the state, it was a lottery system. Confederate The confederates had a total of 11 slave states in their side, which put their strength to a number of 1 064 000. But by the end of the war they had
137 000 wounded and an estimated amount of
93 000 killed. With the total of all the Unions strength put together and the Confederate's put together, it was an estimated 3% of the United States of America's population. Also... Confederate general Thomas Johnathan Jackson earned the nickname "Stonewall" in the First Battle of Bull Run or also know as First Manassas, he earned the nickname because he stood like a stonewall against the Unions attacks against them. Battle Of Gettysburg The Battle of Gettysburg took place on July 1st and ended on July 3rd of 1863. This battle was also the turning point for the Union, although it also had the largest amount of casualties, there was 23 055 from the Unions side and an estimated 23 231 from the confederates side, in total there was an estimated 57 255 casualties. On the Unions side the major general was George Gordon Meade. On the Confederates side there was John F. Renyolds and Robert E. Lee. This was also the last attempt to invade the Northern States, and was the last offense made by commanding officer Robert E. Lee. Interesting Stuff ~There was 237 named battles fought.
~Last shot fired was June 22nd 1865.
~Remains to this day the deadliest war of America.
~Lasted 4 years, 3 weeks, and 6 days. In The End The war ended on June 22 1865, and there was a total of 618 000 casualties with both sides put together. The Union won and slavery in the U.S.A was ended. What is a Civil war? A civil war is a war is when a political group or region fight, but yet they are from the same country. A Basic Start Well to start off there were the two sides; The Union- led by Abraham Lincon- and The Confederates-led by Jefferson Davis. The war began on April 12 1861 and lasted until June 22 1865 (4 years, 3 weeks, and 6 days).In the beginning Lincon insisted on a peace conference but failed to succeed, the point of the conference was to avoid instigating a civil war. Confederate Union ~Rail road workers
~Civil Officials
~River Workers
~Telegraph Operators
~Miners Other Ways If you were drafted and you were in the Confederacy then you may also be exempt if you had 20 or more slaves, another way is if you were a rich man then you may pay 300$ for a replacement-This took place on both sides. Later... The practice that you could get a replacement was abolished on December 1863. This practice also instigated the shouts on the street wich would be things along the line of, "Rich mans war, Poor mans fight." ~Telegraph operator
~Railroad Engineers
~Other Gov. Employees Other Ways... ~Mental disabilities
~physical disabilities -Lack of front teeth
-bad vision in right eye
-loss of more then one finger on your right hand
-loss of more then two fingers on left hand Ages Originally the conscription, or draft laws, stated that all healthy white men that were anywhere between 18-35 years of age were required to do a minimum of 3 years of military service, this also extended the people who only were only signed up for 1 year extended it to 3 years. This law came into effect on April 16 1862. Although later on September 1862 the ages were increased to 18-45 years of age, and after that the ages were increased to 17-50 on February 1863. 23 States Loyal To The Union ~California ~Connecticut
~Delaware ~Illinois
~Indiana ~Massachusetts
~Iowa ~Michigan
~Kansas ~Minnesota
~Kentucky ~Vermont
~Maine ~New Jersey
~Maryland ~Wisconsin
~New York~Rhode Island
~Ohio ~Missouri
~Oregon ~Pennsylvania
~New Hampshire Confederate Slave States ~Alabama
~South Carolina
Joined November 1860 ~Arkansas
~North Carolina
~Virginia Joined April 12 1861
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