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Extending AfL Session

No description

Davina Gunn

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Extending AfL Session

Extending AfL A session to help build on your current techniques of AfL used within the classroom 1. The Learning Continuum
(D.Didau - July 2011) At a recent 'Ofsted Expectations' conference, it was noted that Ofsted expect to see AfL about every 15 minutes in a lesson... Ofsted Framework from Jan 2012
'Teachers systematically and effectively check pupils' understanding throughout the lesson, anticipating where they may need to intervene and doing so with notable impact on the quality of learning' 2. Target from last lesson
(D.Willson - Feb 2012) 1.The Learning Continuum
An alternative learning objective or WALT
2. Target from last lesson
Recap of prior learning and not wasting your hours of marking
3. The Hinge Question
A diagnostic tool to provide data on pupils' understanding
4. Dear Miss
Building personal dialogue between you and the pupils 3. The Hinge Question
(J.Popham - Apr 2008) “We want pupils to believe that effort leads to success and that smart is not something you are, it is something you get.” – Dylan Wiliam What is AfL? 4. Dear Miss
(D.Willson - Sept 2010) Website that is most comprehensive on AfL
The Classroom Experiment with Dylan Wiliam
Names to google:
Dylan Wiliam, Shirley Clarke, Paul Black, Bethan Marshall. “Any teacher can try out new ideas, but the danger is we spend a lot of time trying out new ideas that don’t help our students. Given that schooling is a one shot deal for our students, we need to be really picky about the kinds of things we work on.” – Dylan Wiliam Innovative Teaching
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