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ENITED Business Events

Sharing the idea of excellence.

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Transcript of ENITED Business Events

We're strategists, mentors
and stage managers.
Sometimes all at once.
We believe
We're citizens of the world.
With our hearts in Vienna.
Business events should be inviting.
To all attendees and their ideas.
Set the stage.
For your success story.
We work with corporations,
associations, destinations.
And you.
Sharing the idea of excellence.
Anything's possible.
If you take the first step.

Vienna is our hub.
The whole world is yours.
We have successfully
supported events at
more than 25 destinations.
Amsterdam | Athens | Barcelona | Berlin |
Birmingham | Brussels | Budapest | Costa del Sol | Dublin | Florence | French Riviera |Glasgow | Göteborg | Hamburg | Istanbul |Copenhagen | Lisbon | London | Lyon |Milan | Munich | Nuremberg | Paris |
Prague | Stockholm | Turin | Zurich
Behind every good message
is a good sender.
5, 500 or 5,000 guests? It's always
worthwhile to be an excellent host.
Master complexity.
And achieve lasting success.
The ENITED Excellent. C Model©
Important events need a big kickoff.
And the right coach.
Officially, we advise you.
Unofficially, we inspire you.
Mentor | Supervisor
We love great successes.
And all the details that make them possible.
We are strategists,
mentors and stage
Sometimes all
at once.
We always put your message in the
same place: long-term memory.
Your guests arrive as participants.
They leave as active ambassadors.
Be more than a city.
Become a top destination.
Business Events GmbH

Gilgegasse 11/14
1090 Vienna, Austria

p: +43 (1) 3895631-0
f: +43 (1) 3895631-22
m: welcome@enited.eu

Member of EMBA | ICCA | PCMA
We believe in the power of an
atmosphere that creates more
space for new ideas to emerge.
We believe that bringing business people and experts together in inspiring surroundings gives rise to new ideas and innovations and advances a company’s overall business performance.
We simply love to help people
and make things happen.
Let's start with...
are we great at
what we are doing?
are we doing,
what we are doing?
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