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American Friendship: Fredrick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln

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hanna gwiazdowski

on 25 May 2017

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Transcript of American Friendship: Fredrick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln

- Fredrick criticized Lincoln for slowly moving against slavery
- Came to respect Lincoln's sensitivity to political opinion
- As a slave, Fredrick's slave name was Fredrick Bailey and he owned one book
- Abraham Lincoln studied that same book as a young man
- Had in common: shared experience
- March 4, 1865: Douglass joined 30,000 other people in Lincoln's 2nd inauguration
- Abraham talked about slavery dividing the nation and it was the "cause of war"
- Fredrick approached White House and got detained by guards
- After mentioning his name and relationship with President Lincoln he was escorted to the elegant East Room
- Douglass described him as, "like a mountain pine high above all others." as Lincoln spoke to a crowd
- The two were very close friends and both passionate about moving against the cruel practice of slavery
March 4th, 1865

-Fredrick Douglass
-Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln & Fredrick Douglass: The Story Behind an American Friendship
Frederick Douglass
Abraham Lincoln
He was an important:
orator( a public speaker)
social justice
denouncing racism
equal rights
against lynchings( unfair death trials
about KKK terrorism
what he was:
self tough lawyer
vocal opponent of slavery
16th president of the U.S
born on Feb 12, 1809 in Hodgenville, KY
1846: won the election to the U.S house of represents
he was shot at fords theater
died April 15,1865
was born into slavery in 1818
Other Facts
Lincoln was shot at ford theater

John Wilkes Booth
named America's most influential black citizen when he was in his mid-forties
shot Abraham Lincoln in fords theater in and was never caught
he was an american assassin and and actor
born May 10,1838
died April 26,1865
By. Samantha and Hanna
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