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B3:3 - Biodiversity

No description

Mary Leonard

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of B3:3 - Biodiversity

B3:3 - Biodiversity classification Organisms grouped by characteristics and DNA flowers in plants Skeleton in vertebrates B3:3
Biodiversity Classification Organisms grouped by similarities and differences in:
DNA flowers in plants skeleton in animals Organised in levels Kingdom:
many organisms share few characteristics Species:
few organisms share most characteristics Why? Makes sense of huge variety of organisms
Show evolutionary relationships means huge variety of life on earth number of different species range of species genetic variation within species importance crop growth medicine ecosystem stability Extinctions Threatens biodiversity Rate increasing massively why is it our fault? Sustainability! Maintaining biodiversity is KEY We can't be sustainable if we are wiping out all other species! conserving species key to maintaining biodiversity meeting our needs WITHOUT wrecking the planet for future generations Large scale monoculture crop production Destroys biodiversity Therefore not sustainable! Improvements Packaging - think of:
Materials used
Energy used
Pollution created Decrease use of packaging even if biodegradable because:
Energy use
Slow decomposition in landfill without O2 creates methane
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