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Vintage event

No description

Jamie Chidzey

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Vintage event

MUSIC GIG WITH A THEME Hmmmmm......? - NORMAL LIVE MUSIC GIG -THE PROGRAMME WILL HAVE FEATURES OF A SIMILAR GENRE -HOPEFULLY GIVING OUR GIG A ROCKABILLY, SWINGY JAZZY FEEL -BUT NOT A FESTIVAL TELL ME MORE..... AND WHO WILL I BE ABLE TO ROCK OUT TOO ? The Baseballs are currently the most successful German band abroad! Their 50’s style Rock’n Roll conquers hearts everywhere in Europe– and the charts too! Their outstanding debut in 2010 went from 0 to 4 in the UK charts.

Management/agent: Neuland Concerts
Record company: Warner Music

Album: Just released a Christmas record (last regular album release Strings ‘n Stripes Live, May 2012)

Tour: Some special Christmas shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Last gig in London: 02 Academy Islington, October 2010

Website: www.thebaseballs.com THE BASEBALLS
Bio: The Puppini Sisters are a close harmony vocal trio, although the three are not related, the name was chosen in tribute to The Andrews Sisters. Critic Arion Berger described them as part of "Retro's futuristic vanguard" and characterized their sound as "swing-punk". The group is associated with a burlesque revival.

Management: General managerDarren Michaelson Darren@L25Entertainment.co.uk
Contact infoBooking agentJake Leighton-Pope at CAA jleightonpope@caa.com

Last album: Hollywood, released December 26, 2011 UK

Tour : I can't find any tour dates for next year however they are doing 2 dates in the UK in December

Last gig in London: Sold out show at the O2 Shepherds Bush Empire in April (Capacity 2000)

Website:http://www.thepuppinisisters.com/ THE PUPPINI SISTERS I LIKE, I LIKE.........
THERE'S MORE? Katzenjammer is a Norwegian band from Oslo which was formed in 2005. Their music mixes genres such as folk music, pop, rock, country and Balkan music. The four members switch instruments often and have a stated goal of playing instruments they have not played before. They play more than 25 different instruments including the accordion, contrabass balalaika, zither, ukulele and melodica.

Booking: Sigve Prestnes
Manager: Arne Svare
Management: Silje Buraas

Last Album: A Kiss before you go, released September 9, 2011

Tour: I can't find any dates booked for next year but in the last week they were touring the UK. They come over very often so i don't think this would be a problem
Last gig in London: I think it was pretty much a sold out show of the O2 Academy Islington. I was there and they were brilliant.

Website:http://www.katzenjammer.no/ KATZENJAMMER GABBY YOUNG AND OTHER ANIMALS For nearly 15 years Blue Harlem have been regarded as one of the top swing/jump-blues bands on the London scene. They have become regular favorites at venues such as the world famous Ronnie Scott's, The100 Club, The Pigalle Club and Jitterbugs.

Management/agent: managed by Al Nicholls: alnicholls@talktalk.net
020 7697 8629
07950 379 332
Record company: Raucous Records

Last gigs in London:
City of London Festival
The Pigalle Club
The talk
Ronnie Scott’s
100 Club

Last Album:
Me and my radio (2012)

Tour: (dates for 2013 not up yet)
3rd November 2012: Berkshire, private event
24th November 2012: Mayfair

Website: http://www.blueharlem.co.uk/# BLUE HARLEM 407875 35397 86194 Gabby Young’s twisting roots have carried her and that stunning voice from her native Wiltshire around the UK to land with a bang at the centre of London’s music scene. In 2008 Gabby formed the 8-piece band who complete the magical musical fairground we know today, using a wide range of instruments, most notably trumpet, trombone, piano and clarinet – affectionately dubbed Circus Swing

Management: Brett Leboff, Monumental Management Ltd management@gabbyyoungandotheranimals.com
Booking: Kate@diplomatsofsound.org
Label: Gift of Gab Records info@giftofthegabrecords.com

Gigs in London: Sell out gigs at Koko and XOYO
November 15th, 2012 at Bush Hall (capacity: 350)
Tour: gigs in UK (not London), Germany and Austria are listed until March 9th, 2013

Album: June, 2012 'The Band Called Out for More'

Website: http://www.gabbyyoungandotheranimals.com 12703 521 IMELDA MAY Her website includes contact details of her management.

http://www.imeldamay.co.uk/contact/ 184053 Imelda May would be an excellent headliner. She packed the Royal Albert Hall last “May” so will definitely have the following to fill out The Roundhouse VINTAGE -More than just a normal gig experience -Decorations and lighting to give the foyer an atmosphere -We have researched into companies which we believe could support the gig both leading up to the event and during. SO WHO'S YOUR
AUDIENCE? TARGET AUDIENCE ME !! -The TA is going to be fans of Rockabilly and Swing music, or even culture.
-Due to its sound, the TA is most likely to be over 18’s which is very beneficial for the Roundhouse for bar sales.
-The music generally does not appeal to people under the age of 18.
-Imelda May – The most popular age group for fans is 25-34
-Blue Harlem – most popular age group fan fans, aged 35-44, very small fan base, only 10 people talking about the site compared to its 500+ fans
-The Puppini Sisters – Most popular age group is 25-34 and most popular City is in London, this would be very helpful to our gig
-Katzenjammer – most popular age group 25-34
-Gabby Young – Has the the youngest aged target audience however her TA is still 18+ -Vivien's Of Holloway – A shop dress shop that specialises in 40’s and 50’s dresses, so for that reason, the target audience would be women aged between 25-34 and as it is based on Holloway road, it is a great shop to try and get involved with our event.
-Big Red – This is a bar that is linked very well to the rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll community. The popular age group is aged 25-34, so this helps back up the target audience for our event. This bar is in Holloway road, the same as Vivien's of Holloway. Very close to Camden so good marketing potential
-Overall, from all the evidence gathered, it shows that our target audience would be people aged 25-34. With the potential to tap into more groups. POSSIBLE PROGRAMME IMELDA MAY TWO OF THE SMALLER ACTS or THE BASEBALLS POSSIBLE PROGRAMME JOINT HEADLINERS 3 OF THE MIDDLE SIZED ACTS HMMM.........
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