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Has media ruined sports or has it saved it?

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on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Has media ruined sports or has it saved it?

Has sport benefited from its relationship with the media?
The media is branching network with multiple different communication channels that spread the news around the world orally or visually. This can be spread by using the internet, newsletter, and the T.V channels, there are many channels around the world that we can access like, RTP1, BBC, Sky News, SIC, TVI, and others. Media is also socializing like Facebook, and others. They benefit from their popularity and they will earn adverts and sponsors. They are determined as one of the best ways to transfer knowledge and information around the world efficiently and safely
Has media ruined sports or has it saved it?
How has media helped sports
Has sport been manipulated for the sake of the sponsors, advertisers and passive armchair spectators?
How the Media has effected Sports
Well this situation between the sports and media is like a double sided mirror where there are multiple different perspectives to it, making it a complex dilemma to solve without a neutral mind. The main perspectives are: the good one and the bad one. Media might have spoiled the unreal and negative side from the sports and the players, but it has also saved the sports from economical collapse and saved it from
being unknown and giving it more

Media might have ruined sports by spoiling a lot of other people´s personal life, making unreal gossip about players, making stereotypical jokes about players or even making unreal statements of transfers which may ruin team´s morale and their relationship with the fans.
The media has also made sports a lot more dependent on the media with their overall income and fame around the world, and if for some unfortunate reason the media stops sponsoring/ advertising the sports, the sports will collapse as the one of the bonds of the "Golden Triangle" falls off.
What is the Media?
How has media ruined sports
But from all the negative things that sometimes media might have done to sport, media has also helped sports escape from the economical disaster that other people have been facing by giving the specific sport more fame by talking about it. By advertising player´s abilities throughout the world and advertising the clubs in order to get them more sponsors and fans around the world generating more profit.
Yes, I do believe that sometimes sports has been disgustingly manipulated by organization chairmen, club chairmen, media and even sponsors in order to create a biased illusion to satisfy the fans of the favorites in the game/tournaments where the sponsors/media/organizations generally increase the income or fame by letting the favorites win or being biased to the favorites.
The sponsors have also manipulated the sport by limiting the player´s personal life and their use of products.
In my opinion I think that the sport has been widely benefited from the media from the media being the "fame transmitter" of the sports, giving it more fame by widely advertising it and also talking about it through the network channels. From that the sports has gained a lot more sponsors and adverts that will trade their money for their own fame, without the media being present the sponsors would want to sponsor the teams because they don't have much fame.
I think that the relationship between the media and the sport could not be determined with one result but multiple results and from what we have researched we can conclude that the media has given more benefits to the sport than negative affects, because without all the fame and money the media has given to the sports there wouldn´t be anybody watching it and it would probably ruin the economy, also without all the fame there would not be any negative affects. So I think that the sports and all the community must accept all the negative affects the media has brought in order to really succeed. From the scientific research that the Brooklyn University students has made, they have the same conclusion that we have, they saw a significant rise in the sports popularity and the audiences in sports since the media was firstly introduced and now it is still rising.
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