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Blackfish vs. Seaworld

No description

on 31 May 2014

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Transcript of Blackfish vs. Seaworld

Blackfish vs. Seaworld
Blackfish Documentary
"Blackfish" is a documentary film targeting Sea World and its captive whales. its one of the most controversial films of the decade.
The director of the film was a women named Gabriela Cowperthwaite her intent was to show people what really goes on behind the sea world stage
Sea Worlds Arguement
Sea world was furious with the documentary claiming that all the accusations put upon them were all lies. Sea world is currently struggling to keep the park up.
I loved going to Sea World at one point in elmentary school i thought it would be super cool to actual be a Sea World Trainer at that time i believed it took a lot of requirements to be a trainer, but I had no real information or background on Sea World prior to the movie. I have seen Blackfish many many times and every time i learn something new that i didnt really catch before.But I still had very little background on Sea World even after the documentary.
1. Is everything Blackfish said actually true or are they telling lies to make the movie more interesting?

Reasearch Question 1#
This is the movie poster, makes the whales seem scary and vicious.Doesnt say anything about Sea World.
How is Sea world fighting back?How are they coping with the backlash?

Research Question 2#
Reflection and Growth
I enjoyed this project. Blackfish was really eye opening and I wanted to research it more to see if it was actually true . One obstacle was defenitly trying to find unbiased information. If i were to do this project again I would look even further into the film i tried to stay broad with just the main claims so i would go into the small details of the film to see if they are telling lies or the truth.
Research Question 3#
Should killer whales be kept be captivity?

The claims against Sea world were inaccurate but It still makes you think?Should they stay in captivity?What do we do to the whales that are, set them free?
Step 1 : Watch Blackfish and find the major claims they made against Sea World
Step 2: Look at Sea Worlds arguement. What did they have to say about the documentary and the claims made.
Step 3:Compare the two arguements which one was most accurate and most researched.
Answer 1#
Most of the information in Blackfish was inaccurate but not entirely the main claims were tweaked into lies against Sea World's training techiniques and care to whales.
Answer 3#

No I do not believe Killer whales should be kept in captivity. Forcing these huge graceful animals to do tricks is just cruel. They aren't just entertainment they are living organism. We shouldn't be making them perform tricks for our benefit for money.
Answer 2#
Sea World was furious. They acted against Blackfish rather than just keeping quiet letting it blow over. They even have a whole section on their website telling their side of the arguement.
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