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Service Sector

No description

JV Ritardo

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Service Sector

THE END State of the Service
Sector Issues of The Service Sector Scope of
the Service
Lenders give priorities to
big, stable companies compare
to those small business There are more
Portfolio Investments
rather than
Direct Investment An investor would invest in a place through expanding the business. Through this they can generate jobs because they open new opportunities and also they can help the government since they will pay more taxes with the recently open branch of the business Direct Investment The Philippines booms in the
service sector because the
primary requirement in this
sector is HUMAN POWER Instruments of the distribution of good Wholesale & Retail Trade Companies and agencies
that facilitates mobility
and interaction between
people and products Transportation, Communication &
Storage The Philippines is one of the
top performing countries in
the service sector because of
BPO Resources Contractual Jobs are rampant
and they don't give stability
to a person's life It is involve in actual selling Finance services pertaining
to activities that revolves
around money making Finance, Insurance,
Real Estate &
Business Activities commonly seen performed in the community Community, Social & Personal Services BPO Business Process Outsourcing This happens when a foreign company
invests in a country by hiring a local company to do some of their services. Example:

Call Centers
Apple The country's labor force is 40.3 million
and 52% of this population is employed to
the service sector The service sector is the LARGEST
sector in the country's economy
with 40% share of the total
production Portfolio Investment An investor can invest in a company directly to them or through stock market and does not bother anymore with the management.

The investor can actually retrieve his/her money
immediately when something happens to the company or to the country he/she is investing.
Agricultural land are being
developed and therefore displacing
the farmers who formerly till the land Call center provides jobs but does not
help on contributing to the nation's economy
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