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Our Country Project-South Korea

Kelly Oh and Jewel Kim

Jewel Kim

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Our Country Project-South Korea

Kelly Oh & Jewel kim Korea Fast facts Map of Our Country A peninsula is a long land sticking out from a larger piece of land.
3 sides are surrounded by water. (East sea, Yellow sea, South sea.) -Korea has thousand of islets. Jeju is the largest, volcanic island. -Korean Peninsula -Korea has 'Han river', it is a river in Seoul. A lot of people spend their leisure time along the bank. Flag of Our Country Red yang and blue yin mean balance Population-48,955,203 (rank 25) Language- Korean Area in square kilometer- 99,720
mile-37,421 Climate Continental climate Monsoon climate Yellow sand phenomenon Diet Rice Kim-chi pickled cabbage with hot peppers eat everyday Doen-jang Go-chu-jang traditional fermented soybean paste spicy fermented condiment made from red pepper, sticky rice, and fermented soybeans and salt Tteok-bok-ki Bulgogi popular Korean snack food
seasoned with hot pepper sauce grilled marinated beef
often sweet often dry, small precipitation, big variation in temperature big precipitation in summer the dust comes from china in spring Interesting Facts Traditions or Holiday New years day Thanks giving day Independence day wear Hanbok, eat rice cake soup (get one year older if you eat the soup) wear Hanbok, eat Songpyeon (ricecake) August 15th
Korea freed from Japan in 1945 Snuppy- the world's first cloned dog, was created at Seoul National University at April 24th, 2005
SNU + puppy = Snuppy Seoul Downtown K-POP GDP- 1 trillion 1635 hundred millions Traditional costume- Hanbok -Some buildings in South Korea have 'F' floor instead of 4th floor. 4 means death in Korea. Thank you for watching :D Bibliography Wikipedia Culture Grams Naver (korean web site) HAVE A GREAT DAY! Factmonster Four trigrams
Earth, air, fire and water White means purity Extras K-POP PSY-Gentleman (American Idol perform)
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