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Business at the BOP

No description

Saira Siraj

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Business at the BOP

Introduction to Spring Health National Level Profit seeking firm: Can build infrastructure (e.g. reaching the last mile) as an alternative to traditional government actions and aid. National Level Company Level Individual Level Profit Seeking Firm: Can increase standard of living
Disposable Income
Health Wrap-up: Get your profit on at the BOP Business at the BOP Bryan Tupper
Valeria Dikovitskaya
Mujahed AlSayouhi
Saira Siraj
Lindsay Jones #1: The poor are not our target consumers.
#2: The poor cannot afford and have no use for product and services that are sold in developed markets.
#3: Focus on product innovation, not business innovation.
#4: BOP does not force us to innovate around sustainable development. Company Level Sloan, W. (2013, January 30). Spring health: How design thinking brought clean water to rural india. Retrieved from http://social.yourstory.in/2013/01/spring-health-how-design-thinking-brought-clean-water-to-rural-india/
Polak, P. (2013, January 30). Paul polak. Retrieved from http://blog.paulpolak.com/?page_id=2
Prahalad, C.K., Hart, S. L. (2000). Raising the Bottom of the Pyramid: Strategies for Sustainable Growth. Division Industrial Ecology. Retrieved March 1, 2013. from http://www.ima.kth.se/utb/mj1501/pdf/prahalad.pdf
Polak, P. (2009). Out of Poverty. Berrett-Koehler Publishers.
https://www.facebook.com/paul.polakteam References Individual Level Individual Company National Profit-seeking businesses that target the BOP are exploiting the poor. Profit-seeking firms should do business at the BOP. Agenda Benefits of doing business at the BOP
National Level
Company Level
Myths about BOP (Prahallad)
Individual Level
Disposable Income
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