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Prince Henry "The Navigator"

No description

Daria Kotov

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Prince Henry "The Navigator"

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By: Daria Kotov
& Alexis Daneshi Prince Henry About Prince Henry Henry was born on March 4, 1394.
His parents were King John I of Portugal, Philippa of Lancaster
He traveled a lot, paying taxes for trespassing, made him think of how injustice it is.
Prince Henry's goal was to find a trade route around the world that lead him to India and Africa
He went searching for spices without having to pay tax for passing through certain territories.
He made a school to teach about navigation and geography to help curious explorers safely navigate.
He also wished to increase his knowledge of Africa Where He Explored Contributions By regularly traveling to the African coast, Henry was adding to knowledge that was already known, and was gathered from past explorations.
The portuguese recruited natives to lay intellectual and economical groundwork for coming expeditions.
To teach language to them so they can communicate with those who were indigenous to the areas Contributions-2 His studies helped increase the knowledge of geography
Made Portugal the leader of navigation out of Europe
He sent out/sponsored over 50 voyages
He inspired sailors to make expeditions to Africa
He made a University for studying navigation Sponsored Expeditions He sponsored the expeditions of Gil Eannes to Cape Bojador
He also sponsored Diogo Gomes's voyages to Geba River and Africa.
Alvise Ca'da Mosto's navigations to The Cape Verde Islands, Madeira, Santo Porto, Santo Maria, The Canary Islands, and the Coast of Africa past the banks of the Senegal River were also sponsored by Prince Henry From 1418 to 1419, Prince Henry first traveled to the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo
And decided that he was to start colonizing.
He had rediscovered the island which was previously known in the Middle Ages.
He provided basis for new expeditions to the New World.
They brought in capital loan returns by Prince Henry to island colonies. Further Explorations Prince Henry Never went on any of his expeditions
Helped others to become victorious while he was teaching
Let people be able to discover Southern Africa
Believed that his teachings on navigation would lead people to success.
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