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Copy of Video Game Addiction - USA & Japan

Natasha Takahashi & George Condus

Jan Heister

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Video Game Addiction - USA & Japan

Warning Signs
Video Game Addiction In
USA 1980s to Present
Factoring In Age
Natasha Takahashi
George Condus
Japan 1980s to Present
The Five Biggest Video Game Markets in the World:
1. United States – $13.6B
2. Japan – $7B
3. China – $6.8B
4. South Korea – $5B
5. United Kingdom – $3B
5. Cravings. - Some Internet and gaming addicts experience cravings, or the need to play the game or be online when they are away from the digital world.
The video game industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with japan and the united states at the top of the market. With the industry continually growing and expanding, so does the chance of addiction to these games.
Being Addicted In The US
Being Addicted In Japan
Working Solutions in the United States
Young Adults
Any Questions?
Questions Raised
A Brief History of Video Games
- On 23 September 2009, U.S. President Barack Obama launched a campaign called "Educate to Innovate" aimed at improving the technological, mathematical, scientific and engineering abilities of American students.
- The first video games were created in the early 1950s
- Video games didn't get very popular until around 1970.
(Pong 1970s)
Causes of Video Game Addiction
Working Solutions in Japan
- Now, the video game industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with many different companies releasing new games monthly.
- A Japan Online Game Association survey cited by Shukan Asahi shows Japanese game sites drawing 75 million hits in 2008, up 30% from 2004.
The graph to the right shows that most gamers are actually young adults ages 18-49, contrary to the popular belief that teenagers under the age of 18 make up most of the gamer population
- www.NobelPrize.org uses games to entice the user to learn about information pertaining to the Nobel prize achievements while engaging in a fun to play video game
- Stem National Video Game Competition and the Imagine Cup.
(BioShock Infinite 2013)
Video Game Addiction is the excessive or compulsive use of game consoles or even computer use that interfere with daily life, It has been reported that in some instances "video games" play are played compulsively, isolating themselves from family and friends or from other forms of social contact and focus almost entirely on in game achievements rather than actual reality or life events.
So, how does it happen?
-Journalist Kuchikomi from Tokyo explains on his friend Masao's lifestlyle as a video game addict. In result of despair from relationship problems with his co-worker he turns to online games as a fix for his emotions.
-Ms. A, Shukan Asahi, a writer from Japan also writes of her cause of gaming addiction saying that it all started after her boyfriend died in a car crash.
1. Disrupted regular life pattern. If a person plays games all night long and sleeps in the daytime, that can be a warning he or she should seek professional help.
2. If the potential gaming or Internet addict loses his or her job, or stops going to school in order to be online or to play a digital game.
3. Need for a bigger fix.
4. Withdrawal. - Some Internet and gaming addicts become irritable or anxious when they disconnect, or when they are forced to do so.
The graph to the left shows us that many video gamers play more frequently when they are ages 20-22, From childhood the frequency goes up and then peaks at 22 then begins to fall off around 26-28 years old,
- Peer pressure or trying to fit in with others.
-In the US and Japan, video gaming is undergoing a sensational popularity spurt within young adults.
- Parents let their kids play video games from a very young age now days and many of them are not able to limit all the time their children spend playing video games.
- In many articles and reports, it seems as if Japanese people play and get addicted to video games after something traumatizing happens to them.
- Parents who play video games let their kids play video games
- In the US, it seems to be more culturally acceptable to play video games for long periods of time and to hang out and play with a group of friends.
- There are some estimates that by 2015 the worldwide gaming industry will possibly reach $70.1 billion.
Video game addiction has definitely become a problem in both the United States and Japan, however, in moderation video games can benefit our future by helping people learn in a fun way, helping people socialize and meet new people, and just to sit back, relax, and play.
Too much of anything is a bad thing but if people use moderation and instill that in their children and themselves then video game addiction will hopefully become a thing of the past.
- Currently there are no working solutions that we could find in Japan for video game addiction. Even though 3 out of 10 people in Japan are avid gamers, video game addiction has only recently begun to form in Japan, so there haven't been any efforts to help ease the addiction yet.
George & Natasha: ADDICTED?
On average, George spends 30 hours a week playing online video games.
On average, Natasha spends 12 hours a week playing online video games.
Neither consider themselves video game addicts... yet
Favorite Games:
- Video games are very popular in the American culture.
- There is little to no shame when people in the US are asked if they play video games or not. Many are very proud of the fact that they do.
- Does video game violence make it easier or harder to become addicted to video games?
- What kinds of video games are most addictive?
- Do video game addicts go through withdrawls like how recovering drug addicts do?
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