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Czech Republic

No description

Cooper Williams

on 21 April 2016

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Transcript of Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in Central Europe
The Czech Republic has a Temperate Continental climate, meaing that they have really cold winters, but warm summers. The geography is constantly changing throughout the country with the West side having many rivers and low mountains and the East side being mostly flat grass lands.
City Life
Many of Czech's large cities are full of close packed housing, many shops and tourists.
The Czech Republic is a Democracy. They have a president and the same branches of government as the U.S.
Language & Religion
The main language of the Czech Republic is simply Czech. They also have no main religion or national religion, but any religion is accepted there.
Czech Republic
Current leader is president Miloš Zeman.
Czech Rebublic is as famous for its many beers as Italy is for its food. Cesky Krumlov is in Mid June and during this time music and theatre peformances are very common and their is knight jousting. The people their speak Czech.
The currency used is the Czech Koruna, the CzecRepublic is part of EFTA, their major exprorts are machinery, ceramics, motor parts, and chemicals, their major imports are machinery, oil, and gas.
The Czech Republic has a strong military and send most of their troops to wherever the UN needs them, or to defend the country.
Czech BVP-2 firing in Afghanistan
Past Conflicts
The Czech Republic has been in many wars against the UN and US, like the Korean War and Vietnam War. After this however they joined the UN and have faught along side other democratic countries since the 1980s
Czech Soldiers patrolling with US soldiers in Afghanistan.
Current Conflicts
Currently in the Czech Republic there is a medical crisis as many doctors, pharmacist, nurses, ect. have left the country and now the country is running out of trained profesinals in the medical field.
They trade with Slovakia, Germany, France, Italy, Netherland, and Austria
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