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Childhood review

No description

English4callcenters .com

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of Childhood review

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:
Talk about memories of your childhood.

Describe the activities that you enjoyed when you were a kid.
Warm up
Pair up and answer the questions below, then come to the front and share your thoughts with the class.
Random expo
Share with the class one of the most memorable moments when you were a kid.

I remember that when I was a kid, after school
I used to
go to play soccer on the street with my friends until late and...
Partner up and share your answer with your classmate.
Pronunciation Practice
Watch Session #
Mental Training
Practice with your coach your mental training and if you want watch the motivational video.
"I can do it"
"Mistakes are good"
"I speak with energy"

Fluency diet REVIEW
Pair up, practice the questions below and then coach will ask for volunteers to go to the front.
What do you do in _______?

What did you do on ______?

What are your plans for __?
Grammar Review
Resolve the following quiz on your notebook using future tense.
What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid? Why?
Role Play
Make couples, practice the role play and act it out
Coach will split the class in 2 groups and debate their opinions.
Is it better being a
or an
Video technique
Pay attention to the following video, then answer the questions below and share your opinion with the class.
Describe what you did since you walked into E4CC until now.
I'm feeling really bad. I think I ______ go to bed.

Where are you going? I ______ visit a customer.

Do you need help?
No thanks. John ______ help me.

I _____ eat pupusas tonight.

She _____ study marketing next semester.
1- Mi hermana me hará un favor.
2- ¿Vamos a comer a algun lado mas tarde?
3- El próximo mes no visitaré a mi familia.
4- Ellos van a ir a la fiesta mañana.
5- Iremos al cine esta noche.
6- ¿Vas a ir tú a la escuela el viernes?
Fill the blanks
1. Do you remember doing any of these things? Share with the class.

2. Did you use Wikipedia or Google to do your homework? Explain

3. Did you lie about your age on Youtube? why?
I think it's better to be an adult because you can _____ and also ____...
Role Play 1
a. Invite your friend to play Hide and Seek

b. You have to study for a test. Tell your friend
Role Play 2
a. You didn't go home on time, you know your mom/dad will hit you.

b. Parent: Talk to your son/daughter.
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