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No description

Fritz Viljoen

on 14 June 2016

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Transcript of Versatility

User Requirements:
Brief and Limitations
1. Light and compact.

2. Suit wide range of outdoor activities.

3. Cost effective, yet equal quality to Go-Pro range.

4. Compatible with the current Go-Pro range of accessories.

Concept Functional Breakdown
3.2. Adjustable Inertial Stabilization
Gooseneck Mount + Grip Tight GorillaPod
3.3 Connection of stabilizing platform to user grip
Ball Joint
Go-Pro Stabilizer
Problem Statement
To design a hand-held mechanical stabilization device for the current Go-Pro HERO3 camera
with the aim of
with the aim of isolating the camera from the operator’s relative linear and rotational movements
. .h
Any design hoping to add to the Go-Pro family should have to embody similar characteristics of
small size, light weight, versatility, compatibility and durability.
2.1 The Steadicam®

works by isolating the angular accelerations induced by the operator on the camera

2.3 The Gyro

The KS-2x2 GYRO utilizes two spinning masses or gyroscopes to stabilize the camera.
Investigating current technologies for camera stabilization:

Angular Motion
Lateral Motion
2.2 The Electric Gimbal
utilizes a gyro sensor to determine movement, interpreted by a microprocessor, which actuates a set of 3 brushless DC motors’ Roll, Pitch and Yaw to compensate
for the user movement.

3.1 Mount Camera to Stabilizing Platform

3.2 Adjustable Stabilization

3.3 Connect Stabilizing Platform to User Grip

3.4 Hand Grip for User Interface

3.5 Environmental Interaction
3.1 Camera Mount
Standard GoPro Accessories:
3.4 Hand grip for user interface
Buoyant Hand Grip
Concept Design
Concept Comparison
Retail Price

Wholesale Price
Marketing and Shipping

Profit Estimate

$ 70 per Unit

$ 35 per Unit (Estimated)
$ 15 per Unit (Estimated)
$ 15 per Unit (Estimated)

=$ 5 per Unit

Cost Breakdown
Final Design
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