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Inferences 6.2.6

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Inferences 6.2.6

Inferences 6.2.6
Have you ever noticed that when you read, the writer tells you some things and leaves other things for you to figure out for yourself?
How do I make an inference?
Making an inference is combining
facts and clues with what you have learned from your own experiences to determine something.
Sometimes a fiction writer will tell you all about a character's appearance, feelings, and thoughts. Then, the writer will leave it to you to infer what the character will do in the future or what the character did in the past.
When I read a biography/autobiography, I might make inferences about the subject’s actions, events, and the author’s message.

When I read informational text, I might make inferences about causes and effects, and problems and solutions.

When I read persuasive text, I might make inferences about the author’s message, and ideas used to support the author’s message.
What questions should I ask?
What can we infer?
Samuel put down the pen and smiled. He had done it! In this day of cell phones and computers, he had never seen the point of doing this before. His grandmother was right. This
old-fashioned mode of communication was rather fun.
Take what you already know and apply it to what you are reading.

Read "between the lines".
What is my inference?
What information did I use to make the inference?
How good was my thinking?
Do I need to change my thinking?
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