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PD assignment ><" (best to do fullscreen)

Mc Procycon

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Diversity

What is diversity? Diversity in our society Diversity is what constitutes for the success of the entire world today.
Without diversity, the world would be a dull, unfriendly environment that would have failed by now.
Without diversity, there would be no second opinions or second guesses.

However, there are always social problems and judgements in our diverse society. Diversity can be defined in many ways.
Diversity is a commitment to recognizing and appreciating the variety of characteristics that make individuals unique in an atmosphere that promotes and celebrates individual and collective achievement.
Diversity is the quality of being different and unique.
Diversity is a reality created by individuals and groups from a broad spectrum of demographic and philosophical differences. Disability Nationality Appearance Gender Sexual Orientation Examples of these characteristics are: and many more... She likes her. He likes him; interest in same sex is not so surprising nowadays. However, our community still not agree to this concept. We viewed gay, lesbian or homosexual people as being 'creepy' and 'weird'.

These people may not treated fairly and because our society doesn't accept them, many obstacles will come across their path. An example of this could be: A lesbian couple wouldn't be able to get marry because they are the same gender, and even if they do get marry... they will be judged by people around them.

The person might feel unwanted and lonely, as well as having difficulty to socialize with others. This person in unable to walk properly. Our community however, view disability people as being 'retarded' and considered them as 'outsider' of society. It could hurts the person feeling as if they don't belong in society.

This relates to diversity as the person may not be treated the same as others and given the same opportunities. For example, a person with learning difficulty will have trouble at school and findind a job, because others think that they cant do their work properly & efficiently.

The person might lowers their self-esteems and decreases their confidence to participate in everyday tasks as they are worried about how they will be viewed. "She is ugly! Look at her face.
How can there be such terrible
looking person in this world..."
Like it or not. These are said quite often
in our society because people are judged on their
appearance. Girls or guys, with more sex appeal are
usually get treated better. It relates to diversity,
the person who is 'less attractive' will get less
attention from others and sometimes people don't want
to be friends with them. A girl with an ugly face, messy
hair and inexpensive cloth might find it hard to make
friends because most of us look on the outside.
They could get bullies and negative comments
from other which could decrease
their confidence and
courage. Different people have
different nationality, especially
in a multicultural country like Australia.
People sometimes abuse and bully other based on
their nationality. This relates back to diversity as
the person may not be given the same rights and
others could disregard their present. This problem
could impact the individual suffering from the mental
problem as they may be bullied, The person might
isolates themself from other and refuse to
blend into the crowd because of the idea
that the community establish into
their minds that they
are 'different'. Gender plays an important
role in our community. Occasionally,
women is viewed as 'weak' and 'timid'. The wife would always have to depend on their husband to live, but this is not true. This relates back to diversity as women can be look down by others, hence they are given less opportunities especially in work. For example, more man are recruit in the army than women or women will unlikely to be employ as a construction worker. This could
impact on mental health and sometimes
physical (bullying & rape). They could also
become anti- social and have negative
views on themself. We are all so different right? From those examples, it is evident that there are negative impacts from the community on diversity, in relation to individual. How could we promote diversity? 1. Spread your ideas and reach out to the audience Social media - the fastest way to create, share and exchange information. Start a blog Best way to stay updated with the audience.
Provide new and fresh content daily. Build your knowledge of diversity.
To approach others with the ideas,
you have to fully understand it first. Solidify your knowledge Learn how others did it "A video project on cultural diversity" A very short & simple video, could make a huge difference. Celebrate Harmony Day It doesn't happen over time.

Patience is everything.

Spread your knowledge to the world...

Express your ideas verbally Be patient and consistent with your strategy, because: Don't feel down if the result you wanted didn't happen
Remember, 'failure is the key to success' Go out. Show others how important it is to celebrate the rich diversity of us on Harmony Day. Feel proud that you are part the community. Communicate with others Talk with people around you about diversity, whether through texting, or with family members, at school or work. Not only teaching them but you might learn something in return to. How effective is my strategy will be on promoting diversity? My project on diversity will be effective because:
Encourage others to join the project
Make the issues related to everyone and in everyday life.
Explain thoroughly what the project is about and what it will do
Define the error of our community's view to diversity, hence let the audience know that actions must be taken.
Use individual's differences as examples
Use many ways to bring the ideas to audience

The effectiveness will also increase by how the strategies are going to be delivered to the audience:
Use a range of communication media and techniques
Use of most popular social network to target young audience
(e.g. the use of facebook/ twitter is the fastest way to spread the
idea because teenagers use this alot)

The project will raise the awareness of community to diversity.
With time and consistency, the project will be a success.
At first, the project will be difficult but as we have
more people with the same ideas join in the
group. The ideas will spread rapidly. Remember to: Bibliography list: http://yourbusiness.azcentral.com/diversity-examples-challenges-diversity-11211.html
Music: Diverse City - TobyMac
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