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Citizen Journalism

No description

Christy Lim

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Citizen Journalism

Citizen Journalism History Pros of Citizen Journalism Case: Ian Thomlinson Cons of Citizen Journalism Implications to Traditional Journalism Ordinary citizens playing an active role in the process of finding, constructing, reporting, analyzing & disseminating news & information Dates back to the American Revolutionary
era of 1775 News for niche audiences Issues with intellectual
property rights Case #1 Death of Ian Thomlinson With the ability to publish words and pictures via smart phones, citizens can observe and report more immediately than traditional media outlets Citizens Irene Chia Ai Ling
Christy Lim Yee Liang
Ram Peow Loong Naidu
Marvin Tan Tack Kien Anyone can play the role of journalists &
report anything they deem fit or newsworthy A range of web-based practices whereby ‘ordinary’ users engage in journalistic practices Citizen journalists can present news and information, from their own perspectives, based on the already existing forms of news and information What is Citizen Journalism? With professional journalism, citizen journalism took a backseat, only to regain its place in society today due to the internet and social media At the time, people who were Newspaper Printers did not exclusively publish newspapers, they merely engaged in little news gathering and were vehicles for opinion instead The generation that grew up alongside the internet preferred to get its news from interactive media Previously, people had to wait for their newspapers or news reporting on television at specific times. Thanks to the Internet, news is updated on websites continuously Smart phones have caused more people to start contributing to broadcast news which lead to the rising popularity of citizen journalism Speed of delivery Lack of training Invasion of privacy Lack of accuracy Case Study On April 1 2009, Ian Thomlinson, a 47-year-old newspaper vendor died admist the chaos at the G20 protest. His family were led to believe it was of natural causes The following morning the Evening Standard reported his death under the headline: "Police pelted with bricks as they help dying man" Six days after his death, footage of Thomlinson being struck by a van driver from the Metropolitan police's Territorial Support Group (TSG) filmed by a New York hedge fund manager was released by the Guardian Several bystanders with cameras also captured the incident; the images show how the officer grabbed him by the scruff of the neck & appeared to strike his head against a van door before dragging him into the crowd Within 24 hours of the broadcast, the TSG van driver gave himself up. When he watched footage of his attack on Tomlinson on the evening news on 7 April, he had collapsed in front of his partner. City of London police quickly began drafting a press release, stating that Tomlinson "died of natural causes" and "suffered a sudden heart attack while on his way home from work" The statement did not mention the large amounts of blood found Tomlinson's abdomen, or injuries including lacerations to the skin A second postmortem was conducted by Dr Nat Cary, who said the cause of death had been an abdominal haemorrhage or internal bleeding Provide detailed information Provide different perspectives Low barriers to entry =
Everyone is a potential media outlet People are seeking increasingly diverse news sources and perspectives News media no longer have a monopoly on serving as a watchdog on government and private industry General distrust of the public of
mainstream explanations The End Distrust of the public His family members were not convinced = Traditional Media vs Citizen Journalism:
The Different perspectives In this case, citizen journalism allowed us to successfully challenge the official accounts of the death of Ian Thomlinson
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