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Makah Tribe

Roslyn McClatchie

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of jonesamy7

By: Arriana, Devin, Ethan, Roslyn, and Madelynn The Makah Tribe The location of the Makahs is the northwest coast. Washington State and Oregon are the main states that they established there plank houses. Yes, they did migrate from place to place wiyh only the stuff they needed. They would move about every month, and trade with other tribes. They would tade meant, and clothing for the stuff they needed. Movement Place: The Makah lived by the ocean,
along the Pacific coast line Region: Pacific Coast Human Environment Interaction: Food:
*They fished for salmon, halibut, Pacific whiting, and other Marine fish
*They also hunted dear, elk, and bear

*Makah men didn't usually wear any clothing at all
*Women wore short skirts made of cedar bark and grass
*In colder weather, they wore fur coats and moccasins on their feet

*They lived in rectangular cedar-plank houses with flat roofs
*The homes were large (up to 60 feet long) and housed several families from the same clan

*Hunters used harpoons tipped with mussel shells
*Fisherman used hook and line or wooden fish traps

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