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GEND 354 - Final Presentation

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Nescarly Presendieu

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of GEND 354 - Final Presentation

Black & White Women Body Representation in music videos Where my Girls at? If you were given a chance to look like one of these females, who would you choose? Why? Black Females Argument: Within the black culture, the appearence of a black women is essential. Black men expect black women to have the "whole" package figure. The media plays a role in releasing these ideal images through music videos.

Why are these body images dominant in our society? Can you guess the celebrity? "I luv dem strippers" by 2 Chainz and Nicki Minaj Video Pointers Did you notice this? -Portrays black women to be sex toys
-Nicki Minaj appraises how women are treated/portrayed by throwing money and slapping bottoms of strippers
-Women are forced to look a certain way (stripper)
-Women are half naked, dancing on poles
-Shots of women bottoms
-Sexual, seductive dances
-Black women portrayed to be “Hoes”.
- Course Connections - In Croteau's article titled "Media and Ideology, he argues that in the mass media, are dominant image representations that are viewed every second of our day on what is "normal or deviant". Croteau The Dominant representation (Ideology) or image in the black culture is that black women are portrayed to be beautiful, sexy, and atrractive if they only have big breast, big butt, and a small waist. How does this impact teenagers? Teenagers, particulary girls, see this as normal and strive to look like this Teenage girls see that looking like this will only get the attention of boys. Teenage boys also play part because they grow up to not appreciate or study the beauty of a natural, curvy women. Evidence - shots of women getting dressed
- stripper putting on pants
- shots of just womens butts
- nicki smacking strippers butt Rose According to Rose, sexist images, sexual domination, sells. Racial stereotypes sell. Is it the same for white women? White Females Argument: Within the white culture, the barbie syndrome is what we begin to search for the perfect body. -Pink resists the dominant ideology of white women today.
Christensen argues, teenage girls are eager to look like "cinderella" Orenstein argues, the color pink is trendy in young girls
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