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No description

michael.hayes hayes

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of pacman

What is pacman ?
pacman is a gamed designed by Namco. At first a japanese man named Tuor Iwatani designed the gamed but he called it Puck Man.
But, it was not a big success at first
So the U.S bought the games from Turo, Translated it to Pacman sold it and it made a big success.
The real Pacman
Since you know pacman lets talk about how to play.
When pacman was first made it was made with a joy stick
so keep that in mind. So you start at the bottom middle
and you have to move pacman with the joy stick.
The dots
you have to eat all of them to advance to the next level.
But it is not that easy, you have four ghost that is is chasing you. there names are(this is in the order of red, pink, cyan, and orange) Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde. translated from japanese means Blinky=chaser, Pinky=ambusher, Inky=fickle, and Clyde=stupid.
But anyway pacman is not the hard because at the end of each corner you you have for big dots called power pellets. When you eat those dots it turn the ghosts blue. They give you points when you eat them.
Feeding time.
When you complete the level it starts over but it gets harder. You can keep track of you level by the symbols on the side.
But, actually this game does not end.
But because of the glitch on level 256
nobody can pass it.
Its has been 34 years since pacman was released and he went through many versions of himself.
Pacman even has a wife. Her name is MS. Pacman
A small time line of pacman.
they even have a Pacman in real life
Regular Pacman
Ms. Pacman
3D Ms. Pacman
They even made a Pacman in real life.
The End
The End
Heres a weird video of Ms. Pacman
If only Turo could of sold it here. He would have gotten stack of
3D Pacman
A wordle
The End
not really
That person was Turo.
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