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two cars, one night

No description

Alissa Place

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of two cars, one night

Episode 4: Parting
Episode 2: Talking to each other
Episode 1: First contact
Episode 3: The ring
two cars, one night
director: Taika waititi
A chance encounter
Romeo does his best to impress Polly. Their relationship progresses as he manages to gain her trust. However their interactions are frequently interrupted by intrusions from the adult world.
Talk about...
Watch out for...
Two young people sit waiting for their parents in a pub car park. Sometimes love is found in the most unlikely places.
Listen out for...
Love can sometimes be found in the most unlikely of places
An events doesn't have to change your life to be memorable
There are not many events from childhood that have a lasting impact
The adults in the short film:
How often do they appear?
What kinds of things are they doing?
What do they say?
Parts of the soundtrack played faster than normal speed
Emotional music
The name of a famous actor
Answer these questions...
What does Romeo say
to Polly in this episode?
How does Polly react?
Dope smokers: describe the adult intrusion
What does Romeo do to impress
Polly in this episode?
How does Polly react?
Tough guy with the moko: describe the adult intrusion
What does Polly do to impress
Romeo in this episode?
How does Romeo react?
What does Polly give Romeo?
What does she say her reasons
are for giving it to him?

Polly's parents: describe the adult intrusion
Do you think they'll meet again?
Close Reading: "For children, the dark world of
grown-ups is a mysterious one. It is also very
boring. You make your own fun, you invent
games, you pass the time, which can
often take hours."
Taika Waititi
Film makers use a variety of techniques to indicate to an audience that time is passing or a scene is changing. A film where scenes are run together without some indocation that time has passed can be very confusing. Sometimes film makers edit film in a particular way to suggest that time is passing more slowly (expanded) and in other parts it is passing more quickly (condensed).
Watch the opening scene of the film up to the point Polly's parents walk into the pub. Describe what is happening in the sky.
How are the camera and soundtrack used during this scene to condense time?
What are Romeo and Ed doing during this scene?
There are a number of other parts of the short film where time is also condensed or expanded. This technique in the film has been included a lot to create a specific effect.

Choose two other scenes where time is condensed and describe how it is condensed and why it was chosen to be condensed rather than left out.
Describe the use of a film techniques in the film that you thought was good.
What did it add to the films story?

Plan your response for 5 mins, discuss ideas with your neighbours.
T: topic sentence
E: explanation/elaboration
X: example from the text
A/S: and shows
T = State the topic or subject of the paragraph; a short, one sentence introduction.
E = Gives further detail about the Topic sentence. You are explaining the KEY WORD from the question/topic sentence. Can be more than one sentence.
X = Provides proof for the idea you have outlined; supports the point you are making. Quotes and references from the text.
A/S = Breaks down the example into parts and explains its relevance to the topic.
What are the consequences?
What is the main idea this makes you think about?
What idea or issue does it raise?
One good way to begin this is, "This shows that... because..."
Due Next Wednesday (Day 5 / Period 5)
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