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Millennium Dome

No description

vjosa thaqi

on 2 June 2016

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Transcript of Millennium Dome

Intrudoction :
Millennium Dome
Design and Construction

History & Current use
What is Millennium Dome ?
The Millennium Dome was constructed to be the home of a very large exhibition that was to celebrate the coming of the third millennium. It sits on the
Greenwich Peninsula
at the edge of
South East London, England
. Its western edge is passed by the Prime Meridian and it is now known as the O2 Arena.
What is Millennium Dome ?
Design and Construction
History & Current use
Richard Rogers
The Millennium Dome was designed by
Richard Rogers
, who is known around United Kingdom for his very functional, semi-modernist design flair.He has worked on the
Lloyd's Building
, and the
Court of Human Rights building
that is in Strasbourg.
The Millennium Dome is one of the largest domes worldwide.
The building is constructed out of tensioned fabric over a skeleton of steel.
Symbolism is key to the design of the dome and there are many symbolic pieces of the structure.
twelve 100m-high yellow
support towers, one for each month of the year
,24 scallops
for each hour of the day. The circular dome also has
a diameter of 365 metres
to represent the days of the year. The
center of the dome is a full 52 metres tall
to represent the 52 weeks in each year.
The top of the structure, the
is comprised of a thick glass/fibre fabric that has been coated with PTFE.
The Millenium Dome was open to the public
from 01 January 2000 to 31 December 2000.

The project and exhibition was the subject of considerable political controversy as it failed to attract the number of visitors anticipated, with recurring financial problems.
This project costed
£789m, but only 7% of that was actually spent on the dome
– which was a super-cheap structure.
The dome still exists, and it is now a key exterior feature of The O2.
Egzona Shala
Thank you for your attention.
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