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my life thing

No description

mo shah

on 11 April 2017

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Transcript of my life thing

i was born
i had a lot of fun when i was being born and it was the most important time of my life. truly just the best time ever. i learned that if you aren't born then you won't be here.
my grandma died of cancer
my grandma died of cancer in 2009 and that was a bad thing. it was bad for two reasons and those reasons are: she died, we went back and forth and that costed us a ton of money. from this experience i learned that if you made a decision to do something, stick with it.
my grandpa died now
later in in my life, my grandpa died in 2012 january 1st, which was the old guy's birth day. but this time instead of going to Iran 10 times in 4 months we didn't go at all. what i learned from this experience was that if there is something in your life that you care about, make the most out of it.
i got my first bike for 10 bucks
as me and the family were riding in the car, we saw an old guy, but not just any old guy, it was a old guy with a bike sale and we went to check him out. and so then we found a really good red bike and the best thing was that it was for 10 bucks. here i learned that if you have patience and have done enough searching, anything can be found/bought.
when i came to warnica the first person that i met was carter. me and him became friends. me and him hung out lots and had tons of fun together. then i met Alex Maxominko he was a great scooter master and so we became the best of friends. from this experience i learned that with a great friendly mind set you can be with anyone.
my first trip to Canada
i was only 3 (or four) when i first came to Canada. i had a lot of fun on the plane as i was coming to Canada. then after a few hours me and the family finally made it to the airport and were off to get a cheap home. i learned that if you want to do something, never give
up on it.
my first razor skateboard
i was 11 and someone gave me a toysRus gift card. i decided to get a skateboard, a razor skate board. when i used it it sucked. from that experience i learned that not everything that is cheap or expensive means its good.
my life project
my first canadian friends
when i came to canada i had nobody at all to talk to or hang out with. there was no one that under stood me or what i was trying to say because i didn't know any english at all. the first word that i learned that was english was hello and the first phrase was how are you. what i learned was that if you are going to do something never stop trying and never stop attempting to speak a different language.
my first house
my first house was bought august 11 2015 , when the prices in barrie weren't so high. me and the family were searching for a year with no success or luck. but finally we found a house. what i learned here was when everything is againts you, always push forward.
when we moved into the new crib
it was a few months later that we finally moved into our new house which was the most satisfying experience in my life. it was finally the day the we've been waiting for. that satisfying experience taught me that with patience comes rewards.
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