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The Great Siege of Malta of 1565

A timeline of the events that happened during the great siege of Malta (1565) between the Knights of Malta and the Turks

Adrian Zahra

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of The Great Siege of Malta of 1565

Turks begin tranporting their munitions and supplies from Marsaxlokk to Marsa 18th May 1565 Arrival of the Turks in Malta 24th May 1565 25th May 1565 Turkish artillery is
set up in front of St. Elmo The Great Siege of Malta 1565 Dragut arrives with
his galleys and corsairs 3rd June 1565 Turks capture part of St. Elmo 18th June 1565 Dragut is killed 23rd June 1565 Fall of Fort St. Elmo 25th June 1565 Turkish fleet sails from Marsaxlokk to Marsamxett 2nd July 1565 Arrival of the Piccolo Soccorso 15th July 1565 Turks launch a massive land
and sea assault on Senglea 28th July 1565 Turks launch a series of assaults
on Birgu and Senglea Christian cavalry attacks
Turkish camp in Marsa 7th August 1565 12th August 1565 Turkish explosive mine under Post of Castille is intercepted and neutralized by the Knights. 7th September 1565 Arrival of the Gran Soccorso 8th September 1565 Turks lift the siege 12th September 1565 Turks leave the Maltese Islands 2nd June 1565
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