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The Trident

No description

Elias Navarro

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of The Trident

What is the Trident Bus
A new type of Stratling Bus
Goes over cars
Splits into 3 sections
Electric Powered

How we thought of the idea
Phillip loves new technology
The straddling bus was interesting topic but had flaws
Knowing gas problem we developed electric buses
The splitting bus idea was incorporated to even increase the speed of delivery

Features and Benefits


Splits into 3 parts Allows faster travelling
Electric Powered Earth Friendly
Under Bus Traffic Lights Under car friendly
Operated by CPU Less flaws
Goes over cars Faster Travel
Multiple sensors Safier travelling

What makes this Different
Our project is better than the current straddling bus because we have a three way splitting bus that gets people to places better and our bus is electric powered so it is eco-friendly. The traffic lights under the bus allows under travelers a better experience. We also have a CPU controlling it so the error of humans will be eliminated

Straddling Bus Example
The End
Who This is For
This project is targeted towards public transportation companies such as Greyhound.
It is also targeted towards private transportation systems such as Larkins
We wouldn’t offer towards the general public
Goal for our invention
We want the whole country to start implementing our idea into their transportation program.
We would like it to go worldwide to places such as Canada, the UK, Russia, Australia, South Korea, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and many others.

The Trident Bus
By Elias Navarro and Phillip Rivera
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