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The Inn of Lost Time

No description

Jeremy Etienne

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of The Inn of Lost Time

The Inn of Lost Time
The Inn of Lost Time Story Map
Sub Plot Setting
The story takes place in Japan, at a small farmers house at the sixteen centuary.
Beginning Plot
Two ronin were spending the night at a farmers house. At the house the farmer tells a poignant tale of man named Uroshima Taro. The man had saved a turtle from a couple of youngsters. The turtle rewards him by taking him to the princess of the undersea. He thought he spent two weeks but he actually spent seventy-two years of his life underwater. When he got back to his house he saw his son with his wife. After seeing this he opened the box the princess had given him and instantly became a ninety year old man.
Middle Plot
After the two ronin heard the story they were both close to tears however they recovered quickly. They were both soon laughing and jostling each other.They eventually started talking about their favorite parts and chraracters in the story and moreover their father stayed and read them another one . This next story that Zenta is going to tell is even more entertaining than Uroshima Taro.
Ending Plot
Zenta's story start with two men, Zenta and Tokubei (A wealthy Merchant), walking on the road but both of them were hungry. Then they smell food and leave the highway and find a inn in the middle of the forest. In the inn there was a young women with six fingers who greeted them. Furthermore, since they were hungry they did not notice the sixth finger. When they entered, a grizzled hair man with the age about fifty. They ate and fell asleep. When they woke up, they were outside in the middle of the forest. When they return to the inn they see a old women with six fingers and a young man. After a long time of talking Zenta realizes that it was all a big fat prank.

Plot Urashima Taro's Setting
The setting in Urashima Taro story is in the undersea kingdom
Setting in Zenta's Story
The setting takes place at the bamboo forest in the inn
Uroshimataro Taro Characters
Uroshima Taro
Princess of Undersea
Uroshima Taro's Son
Zenta's Story Characters
Girl with six fingers
Inn Keeper
Main Characters
The Farmer
The Farmer's wife
The Farmer's three sons
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