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Cuba: America's Backyard

No description

Tasia Cox

on 26 September 2016

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Transcript of Cuba: America's Backyard

The US Gets Interested
Problems in the Caribbean prompted America’s entrance into world affairs, and more specifically Cuba.

Cool Cars
But before the Cuba we know today...
Cuba: America's Backyard
Salsa Dancing
And PUIG!!!
What do we know about Cuba????
Great Beaches
In the 1890s, Spain controlled Cuba and treated the inhabitants very poorly.
Reports of starvation and mistreatment surfaced in the international news.
There are two reasons the US gets involved:
1) Very close proximity to Florida (US). The distance between the most southern part of Florida and northern part of Cuba is only 90 miles...
2) American business interests are in Cuba
The American sugar industry also operated in Cuba.
Because Spanish control of Cuba resulted in poor living and working conditions for native Cubans, the people start to get mad.
As a result, the Cubans started a revolution to gain their independence from Spain.
Meet Jose Marti...
Considered the Apostle of the Cuban Revolution for Independence.
Very talented and renowned writer/poet.
Often punished and exiled for spreading his revolutionary thinking.
He will campaign for Cuban Independence throughout Latin America and expose the mistreatments of Spain.
Let's look at him a little more in depth (make sure to pay attention to the video notes).
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