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Grants Presentation November 2012

No description

Laura Gorynski

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Grants Presentation November 2012

What is a grant? Why bother? Be proactive Grants Office Grant sourcing But they are a lot of work First assess the capacity of your organization Grants are a great way to build capacity Grants We want you to engage us right away in the process Foundation Center, Grant Space
Corporation websites
Walmart, Verizon
Family foundations
Bill + Melinda Gates
Email blasts
Seliger + Associates Dec. 2012 The bestowal of economic goods to accomplish
purposes deemed to publicly good. Grants help to advance your organization's mission Grants allow you to better serve your target population Grants promote creativity and innovation Strong fiscal health? Staff capacity to manage? Strong partnerships? Accounting processes? Solid data collection methods? Do you have a long-term vision? Can you accommodate an increase in clients? Beware of mission drift
Don't chase money
No funder-centered proposals
What are you already good at?
Develop concepts All grant applications should pass through the grants office Get to know your funder A successful proposal balances the needs of the applicant with the priorities and values of the funder Women's Fund
Read the mission statement
Look at past grant recipients
Ask for a successful proposal Tailor each proposal to your funder,
no cookie-cutter proposals! What is the single most important variable in increasing a proposal's chances for being awarded? Pre-proposal contact. Submit a one-page summary of your proposal

What was your average award?

What is the most common mistake you see? Increased a proposal's chance of winning funding by 300% from a federal source, 500% from a private source And now it's time to start writing... Typical grant application components

Needs/problem statement
Goal statement
Work plan
Budget Be sure to keep these in mind when planning! Why do you need the funds you are requesting?

Should align with funder priorities
Do not assume the reader knows anything about the problem you are addressing
Portray the human side of the problem
Use data effectively
Convince the reader that the gap between what is and what ought to be must be closed immediately Needs/ Problem Statement Goals What good things will occur?
What bad things will change?

Use words like: develop, deliver, decrease, increase, improve, produce, provide
Keep in mind Lack of funds The absence of something A good idea Are not needs Goals should be attainable Work Plan Explains to the reader how you plan to implement a project. If 'A' is your Needs Statement and 'Z' is your Goal, then 'B'-'Y' is your work plan. What activities will take place
When they will be completed
Who is responsible Use a visual timeline Budget Always breakdown expenses as much as you can Provide computations when possible Make sure it matches up with your work plan Show funder's portion and your contribution Also known as match CASH or IN-KIND Other grant components Evaluation plan
Organizational capacity Make it easy to read The devil is in the details Submission time Bold key words and phrases Be mindful of copies needed Always leave enough time to have others read
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