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Why You Should Learn Another Language

No description

Emily Rodriguez

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Why You Should Learn Another Language

Budapest San
Francisco Bloemfonte Stockholm Sydney New Delhi Abuja Nuuk Winnipeg Salvador Tokyo Anchorage Buenos Aires Beijing Rabat New York Riyadh Guadalajara Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language The top 3 reasons
it makes you smarter and more rounded
it's beneficial to your career
lots to discover What actually happens
cognitive interference the executive function
planning, ignoring distractions, solving problems... understand English better read faster
improve your memory benefits from infancy to old age
helps prevent Alzheimer's and dementia great for your résumé
competitive advantage business is global
companies need bilinguals work overseas make more money
5-20% more become a better leader
develop cultural empathy improve your self esteem a whole new world learn about the culture impress the locals
get to see some best-kept secrets it's exciting!
can be a secret code give back to your community
ESL classes get in touch with your roots
get to know family members 80% of government jobs require foreign language skills
20% of people living in U.S. speak a foreign language
19.5 million people in U.S. speak English less than "very well"
Latinos are largest minority group in U.S. Fun Facts
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