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Safeguarding the Environment

No description

Alexvi Christie Tumulak

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Safeguarding the Environment

A responsibility Safeguarding the Environment - The effect of slavery in Egypt
Biblical Aspects - The start of belief and hope amongst each and everyone
- Hostile Environment in Egypt

- “Nature, the work of God’s creative action, is not a dangerous adversary” “ It is God who made all things, and with regard to each created reality God saw that it was good” - The relationship of man with the world is a constitutive part of his human identity. - “Universal Destination of Goods”

- God entrusted nature to mankind - Salvation that God offers to all humanity through his own Son does not come about outside of this world.

- The world wounded by sin healed by the saving power of Jesus Christ A corporeal being is touched by the redeeming power of Christ.
“A new heaven and new Earth”
“Caretaker of the world”
the Universe of Created Things > use of the earth
> use of advances in science and technology
* empirical sciences, technological discipline
Man judges rightly by his intellect The results of science and technology are positive in themselves The Magisterium considers science and technology can be applied to the environment and agriculture proper
application ! Point of reference: RESPECT FOR MEN AND WOMEN Man's capacity to transform and create the world is based on God's prior and original gift of things The Crisis
in the Relationship
Man and the Environment The biblical message and the Church’s Magisterium represent the essential reference points for evaluating the problems found in the relationship between man and Environment Nature appears as an instrument in the hands of man, a reality that he must constantly manipulate, especially by means of technology. A correct understanding of the environment prevents the utilitarian reduction of nature to a mere object to be manipulated and exploited. A vision of man and things that is sundered from any reference to the transcended has led to the rejection of the concept of creation and to the attribution of a completely independent existence to man and nature. The Magisterium underscores human responsibility for the preservation of a sound and healthy environment for all. COMMON RESPONSIBILITY The Environment a Collective Good The Environment a Collective Good We have a responsibility to secure the future of the next generation: The Environment a Collective Good “A Common Responsibility” Safeguarding the Environment Leaders in the information sectors also have an important task, which must be undertaken with prudence and objectivity Politicians, legislators and public administrators are responsible for evaluating the potentials benefits and possible risks connected with the use of biotechnology Entrepreneurs and directors of public agencies involved in the research, production and selling of products derived from new biotechnologies must take into account not only legitimate profit but also the COMMON GOOD. Scientists and technicians involved in the field of biotechnology are called to work INTELLEGENTLY and with PERSEVERANCE in seeking the best solutions to the serious and urgent problems of food supply and health care Equitable commercial exchange without the burden of unjust stipulations
Foster the development of a necessary scientific and technological autonomy Various measures can be taken in relation to the use of new biotechnologies Modern biotechnologies have powerful social, economic and political impact, NATIONALLY and INTERNATIONALLY The Christian vision of creation makes a positive judgment on the acceptability of human intervention in nature, other living being and makes a strong appeal for responsibility Agriculture
Animal Farming
Environmental protection Use of new forms of Biotechnology in:
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