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Jennifer Sweet

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of Hygiene

Step 1: SKIN
Wash your body on a daily basis.
Step 2: Hair
Step 3: Nails
Nails protect your fingertips and toes.
Nails are exposed to bacteria and fungus daily.
Infection can result in nails wihout proper hygiene.
In order to care for your nails, do the following:
The goal of this unit is to realize what actions you can take in your everyday lives to ensure that you are clean, happy, and healthy.
Choosing the right deodorant.
Deodorant kills harmful bacteria.

Deodorant (cont'd)
What can you conclude about deodorant for men based on advertisements?

What can you conclude about deodorant for women based on advertisements?
Make the right decision!!!
Despite what advertisements will tell you about their products, you should choose the right deodorant for you, your body and your needs.
Your job is to make an advertisement for a male/female deodorant that highlights:
1. Brushing your hair daily removes dirt from your hair and scalp. It also spreads natural, healthy oils throughout your hair.

Step 5: Teeth
Your teeth help you chew, help you speak and give you a great smile.

So take care of them!!!
Brush twice a day with a toothpaste containing flouride and soft toothbrush
Use dental floss daily to remove bits of food and plaque
thin build up that bacteria feed on
causes tartar
Eat healthy foods!
Watch This Video:
What are some observations you made while watching this video?
My Thoughts
1. Who has time for this?
2. How expensive is this?
3. What is the point of this?
4. How could one avoid this?
5. How do others feel about this?
6. Why is Ms. Genega showing me this?
How could this process and condition be prevented/treated?
1. Good Hygiene
2. Good Diet
3. Dermatologist
RUBRIC: (20pts.)
Why WEAR deodorant?
Why BUY deodorant?
Step 4: Piercings
Make sure you go to a clean, licensed facility to get a piercing.
Tips & Reminders for Teenagers
Since when did this become attractive?
Define the following words:
What do these words have to do with hygiene?
Before we begin our first unit... you should know these concepts!
Self - Respect
your interests!
Health Foldable!
projects for this unit include...
* celebrity/hygiene manual
* creating deodorant advertisements
** can be done virtually!
...but first...
this will be our notes for the unit!
Step 1: Fold length & width!
Step 2: While horizontal (on side), fold edges in center crease (make doors!)
Step 3: Cut the side panels or "doors" in half along crease!
Step 4: Label each "door" BODY, HAIR, TEETH, & NAILS!
See a dermatologist if you develop acne who will prescribe the right medication for your skin.
Wear deodorant.
Keep your soiled and clean clothes separate.
Change your clothes after sweating.
Wash your hands after going to the bathroom.
Wash your face before you go to bed with a gentle cleanser.
Try These!
benzoyl peroxide & salicylic acid
... or this
see a dermatologist
What are other reasons why we should bathe daily?
1. Good Hygiene
2. Good Diet
3. Dermatologist
Sometimes our "role models" are not the most hygienic.

In order for you to "be attractive," you should first FEEL attractive!
That doesn't mean that it's "ok" for you to be either!
Always test deodorants and choose the one that is right for you!
Don't fall for the advertisements that claim certain deodorants are better than others!
Antiperspirants prevent you from sweating.
*Note: Take what you learned into consideration!
(2) would want to buy your product.
(1) why the consumer needs to wear deodorant
5. Underarm hair can hold on to bacteria and cause additional body odor. Extra hygiene/washing is needed in this area when hair develops!
4. Shave away unwanted hair as needed using shaving gel/conditioner and a fresh razor.
3. If dandruff appears, use a medicated shampoo to control and prevent the problem.
2. Wash your hair with shampoo to clean away dirt and extra oil every day or every other day.
don't bite or pick nails
clip and file them as needed
dry hands and feet well
wash hands and bathe regularly
seek antifungal products if needed
Do NOT do it at home.
Why do people bite their nails?
When it comes to flossing...
... you might feel like this!
Your teeth are not done coming in yet...
... your last set of adult molars, known as wisdom teeth, usually develop between teen years and adulthood.
What does surgery look like?
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