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Statutory and Non-Statutory public services

No description

Emily Jones

on 6 January 2016

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Transcript of Statutory and Non-Statutory public services

Public services are split into two categories: one group are created and maintained by law whereas the others are not.
What are example of these?
Half the class need to write a list of examples for statutory public services and half for non-statutory public services. (At least 6-8 in a list)
Join up with someone who has the opposite list and find out examples for the other category.
What is a statutory and non statutory service?
Find out what the other one is.
Partner up with someone who found out the opposite definition and learn from each other
Statutory and Non-Statutory public services
Half the class to find a definition of statutory and half to find a definition of non-statutory.
How do statutory and non-statutory services give support to citizens?
Half the class on each category :
How is support provided to citizens by either statutory or non-statutory? Pick four examples and specify how they provide support to citizens
Find a partner and tell them your findings
Find a partner who has chosen the same or similar articles for the current affairs assignment ( you might need to change partners later for the next article)
Looking at the services who would have been involved in the current issues you looked at, justify why statutory and non-statutory services needed to be involved to deal with the current issue. Then justify the specific involvement of the different services
This lesson everyone will be able to describe the difference between the categories of public services, list examples and justify the involvement in current affairs.
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