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30 things about me

No description

izzy marvin

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of 30 things about me

30 things about me
my favorite food is a wopper!
my favorite food is a whopper!
I love t.j max!
I have a Siamese cat named Presely
i love chocolate ice cream
my lucky number is 18!
My bff is KC
I have been on a cruse in Hawaii
favorite team ever!
I went to Kalahari for my b-day
i have been to the arch with my aunt!
this is my house
this is me!
math is my favorite subject!
i play trumpet!
i have been to a Katy Perry concert!
my grandma had a german shepherd named Roxy
i am going to florida next year
my favorite singer ever!
my b-day!
my birthday!
favorite Christmas song
my favorite holiday is Christmas!
i love paina coladas! (without alcohol)
totally lol!
my grandma makes the best apple pie!
i always watch this movie with my aunt!
my favorite restaurant!
dancing is my thing!
# favorite color!
i want to go to principia collage!
i want to go to Principia College!

This is my prezi video!
Im getting a red mustang when Im 20 as a B-day present!
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