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Nelson Mandela Lesson 1

No description

Dami Ajagbonna

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Nelson Mandela Lesson 1

L.O: To explore the context of the "I am the first accused" speech and analyse the opening
I am the first accused.
I hold a bachelor's degree in arts and practiced as an attorney in Johannesburg for a number of years in partnership with Oliver Tambo.
I am a convicted prisoner serving five years for leaving the country without a permit and for inciting people to go on strike at the end of May 1961.
A sharp difference between what is expected and what actually takes place.
Rhetorical Irony
Arrest and Trial
It is an ideal for which I am prepared to die
south Africa
Who was He?
Nelson Madiba Mandela
Pass Laws
Nelson Mandela's Speech
Speech Reading
How does Nelson Mandela use Rhetorical Irony for effect?
As we read the speech, use the highlighter to note down any interesting things, including:
Controversial Statements
Rhetorical Devices
Write down one thing that you know now that you did not know at the start of the lesson .
On a Post-It
The Context
The speech was written as the opening statement during his second trial. He had initially been arrested in 1962 and sentenced to 5 years. He was once again tried for "sabotage". He knew that if he was convicted he would face "life imprisonment".
The speech was delivered in a court room, to a judge and jury.

Do you think he wrote it only for them?

How can we tell?
Apartheid and Pass Laws.
Speech Opening
I am the first accused.
I am the first accused.
I hold a bachelor's degree in arts and practiced as an attorney in Johannesburg for a number of years in partnership with Oliver Tambo.
Is the second line what we expect him to say next?
Rhetorical Irony
PETAL Analysis
Nelson Mandela wants to draw attention to the unjust nature of his trial, to do this he uses a technique called rhetorical irony an example of this is found in the opening of his speech when he says "INSERT QUOTE". This is not what we expect him to say...
Complete two PETAL Paragraphs in your books.
What have you now learnt about the context of the speech?
Starter Re-cap:
What does PAC stand for in speeches?
What is the context of a speech of any other type of text?

1. You ask a question
2. You give the answer
3. They ask a question
4. They give you the answer
5. You trade or swap question slips
Nelson Mandela uses rhetorical irony for effect when he begins his speech at his trial...
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