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ITGS Apr 22

Class lesson plan April 22

Jeff Ratliff

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of ITGS Apr 22

Tasks for Today The future of publishing Schedule How many of you will be gone for Group 4 next Wednesday? Can we afford to leave class today at 9:15 for the opening ceremonies of the SAISA track meet? HL Portfolio According to your schedule, your rough draft of Criterion A is due today. This should be in the Portfolio 3 document I shared with you. Criteria B is due next class [May 26] and Criteria C on May 28 when you will be out for Group 4. SL Project [revised schedules due today]Meet with Ms Kozara to go over project schedule requirements. Edit your schedule so that it meets these requirements based on Ms Kozara's notes and the sample timeline. Still dreamin' Most of your posters went to the print shop (now you know where Printshop gets its name) yesterday and should be back by 1:00 today. Some of them didn't go. These were not exported: Joe, Kavi, Elvira. And these were exported at 72 dpi: Iman, Tanveer, Alex. Please get those in today. Excel [due Sunday, May 2]Take notes on the 3rd part of the Excel tutorials on worksheets (exhilarating) and cells (thrilling). Again, copy and paste this outline into your document and write your notes directly underneath each section. That will help you stay organized. I'll show you a sample worksheet today so you can get an idea of the power of spreadsheets.
See our web site for outline. Wikispaces vocabulary [due next class, April 26]We will be using wikispaces (http://bit.ly/bB3LAe) to prepare for your exam. I did the first one. Each of you should do one yourself for next class. Here's how:
Click on one of the words
Edit the page
Write the word in Heading 1 style at the top [1 point]
Write "by your name" in normal under that. This will claim the page for you. [1 point]
After doing some research, write a definition in your own words. [5 points]
Create a way to remember the word [3 points]
Add a graphic [2 points]
Read and add a link to a descriptive article [2 points]
Read and add a link to an article or site that exemplifies the term [2 points]
Add an audio or video that relates to the word [2 points] Also available on our web site - http://bit.ly/bZVsiz
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